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Episode 09

Our listeners' musical talents are the topic for discussion this episode. Tess and Ravi tell you all about the drink British people are famous for loving.

Tess & Ravi



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Intermediate: B1


Hello teacher

I have a grammar question about a sentence in the podcast:Rob said :"Now I have the objective to find a place where I can sing, because I always liked it, but I didn´t notice what a special talent it is". I wonder why the verb is in the past simple tense.. I would have used the present perfect here : I have always liked it (I liked it in the past and I still like it today). Is my reasoning wrong?
yhanks in advance for your reply.

Hello josette poisson,

You could certainly use the present perfect here to show something from the past which is still true. The past simple suggests that Rob does not see this as an open time period. For example, perhaps he used to like singing, then stopped or lost interest, and now has regained his interest. Or perhaps singing was a part of his life in the past which ended (because of work or lack of time), but which now he can return to. We can only speculate but grammatically both forms are possible.



The LearnEnglish Team

Good afternoon everyone
Actually tea is my routine drink about three cups and I prefer it with strong milk perhaps when I was boy my family was make too much very day. However tea make me wake up all of the day.

Oh!!! Yes, I love to drink tea very much. But I cannot make tea in a tea pot, so i usually drink ready made tea. In my country, tea is very popular but there are a lot of men in tea pubs but women are little. When you go to on tea pub you will see lots of men but there are one or two women. That means females are not like tea very much. I'm also a girl but I like to drink it very much. BYE!!!!

I usually like to drink tea rather than coffee, although I use to drink a cup of coffee with milk and honeybee for breakfast in the morning I prefer to drink tea during all day. When I drink tea I make it without milk or sugar but sometimes I put it some Lemon juice or Ginger on it. Despite most of the people in my country(Uruguay) use to drink "Mate" like in Argentina, I don't drink it any more, I used to drink a lot of it when I worked at the countryside, it's a very popular drink here tough and there are lots of types of "Yerbas" to use for make it. We could say it's the most popular drink all over the country and people use to drink it at any time of the day.

Thanks for the episode.
Great site!

I like milk more than tea or coffee. I think milk healthier than tea or coffee. But I don't drink very much. About once or twice a week.

I would rather coffee than tea. I usually drink 2 cups of coffee through the day one of them in the morning with my breakfast and the other in the evening. I love drinking it by different ways. Sometimes I have it with a little of milk and other times I take it with 125 ml of milk it's delicious !! I like arabic coffee, too . I used to drink it with my family on Fridays with dates . I like dates very much. You should to try it . It's very tasty. I don't like the taste of tea but I don't mind to drink it from time to time . The most common drink are drunk in my country -Egypt- is tea with milk. Although I don't like tea very much but this drink have incredible taste. I think they don't have a specific time to drink it but usually in the mornings and evenings.
I don't know if they have a certain way to make it or no because I don't live in Egypt but I am sure that drink is dedicated by millions in Egypt.

I would rather like tea than coffee. I like it with sugar and milk. Drinking much tea is very normal in my country. We call it Karak.

Hi everybody,

Polish people drink tea or coffee for breakfast and/or for dessert in the evening. Also they drink more coffee than tea during the break in the work. Tea and coffee are served at the home parties.

I prefer more coffee without milk and no sugar. I have never used sugar nor to coffee neither to tea since twenty years. I drink rarely tea but always with lemon. I think that drinking too much tea makes yellow teeth.

Best wishes.

Coffee or tea?
I love them but I would like to prefer tea most. The day starts with tea and I can't imagine without tea without a single day. After breakfast in the morning, lunch and in the evening I want a cup of tea.  And you know, one cup of tea is enough to invigorate both body and mind.