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Episode 11

Tess and Ravi discuss something British that people think isn't much good. Adam and Rob read your comments about your jobs.

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Have you ever tried British food? What did you think of it? If you haven’t tried it; what do you think British food is?

What about eating out in your country? What sort of restaurants do you have? What’s your favourite cuisine? Why?


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Intermediate: B1


I have never tried British food and i thought they eat a lot of meat and steak and drink tea or coffee or alcohol. I like eat Yemeni food specially in Yemeni restaurants my favorite cuisine are Hesah, Buried meat and Haneeth meat withe rice and for dessert i like eat Arika and Bint Al Sahn withe one of best honey in the world culled Do'ani honey.

I have never been in England so, I have never tried English food but I want to try it. I like eating international food like Italian, Japanese or Peruvian food but my favourite food is definitely Mexican traditional food because I love eating food with spicy sauce. In addition, the Mexican traditional food is cheaper than others are. Only in the cities, like Mexico City, we can find food of others countries; in the towns, probably you can find only Mexican food.

Actually I've never been in Britain, and I have never seen any British resturants in other countries, so I haven't tried british food yet .
I live in Iran and I think we have the most delicious foods in the world though we haven't any good resturant outside the country . Irainian uaually spend so much time to prepare a food. We eat rice a lot in Tehran but any of our cities has special traditional foods.
We have many different kind of food which is made by rice some of them are made by rice and something like meat, potato , tomato, etc and serve in on dish. and some of them is a simple rice which is cooked and serve with a different dish that we name "Khorosht" , we add "Khorosht" to the rice while eating.
we have other foods which is name "Kabab" it is meat or chicken which is grilled or cook over fire.
Anyway besides our traditional foods you can find many different resturants in my country and there is foods of allover the world here: Italian, Indian, chinese, etc.. I like'em all but I hate chinese . I think chinese eat all creatures and it is really disgusting.

I'm from Russia and i'm living in small city. Inspite of hat we have varius cafes including pubs with english food.The most famous is called 'London'. There I've tried fish and chips and i liked it.It was unusual serving dishes in the newspaper. As to rostbeef and other dishes from meet, generally i dont like it. I prefer italian food, and fortunately we have a many such cafes. Pizza,pasta, lasagna a lot of cheese,'s divinely! I think, it's the most popular and available food in the world.

Hello everyone, I've not tried British food but I hope someday I will have a chance to try it. When you come to my country, you should try "Pho", it's one of the special foods in Vietnam. We also have a lot of famous dishes such as rice noodles, banh mi, broken rice, Vietnamese fresh spring rolls...It's amazing. There are sort of restaurants in Vietnam like Japanese food, Chinese food, fast food from the UK, Thai food, Korean food... But I don't like to eat outside, so I cook for myself. Gordon Ramsay is my favorite chef and I usually watch his cooking programmes.

We have a lot of restaurants in Russia from all over the world like in Britain, but also we have own cuisine. I prefer different cuisines such as European, Caucasian, Georgian, Tatar them is a lot. Russian cuisine is famous borsch, rassolnik, Solyanka, ukha, different types of cutlets, for example-fire cutlets, boiled pork. I very like russian cuisine because i've lived in Russia all my life and i addicted. I recommend to visit Russia and to try russian cuisine.

I've never heard that British food is bad. In my opinion there are no bad or good cuisines - each one has some great dishes. I think typical British meal are bacon and eggs, roast beef, pudding and oatmeal.

I haven't been to Britain. but I have tried fish & chips couple of times before. fish & chips is the only British food that I know. I like foods that is made of potatoes. so I can enjoy fish and chips. but fish and chips is always served with a lot of amount of it. It is always too much for me to eat. and very oily. so I don't eat fish and chips very often. I remember when I was traveling in NewZealand, I ordered fish and chips at a takeaway. and I found that they wrapped fish and chips with old news papers that is just like Ravi said in another Episode. In my country Japan, There are many kinds of restaurants. There are also British pubs where you can drink alcohols but I think they don't serve tea or coffee. In Japan, when I think of British pub I think it is kind of a bar. I don't go to British pub when I want to drink tea of coffee. I just go to Starbucks instead.

I think I´ve never ever eaten English food , actually I don´t know what exact are English food , i think there aren´t a icon from English cuisine ,( if are sorry about my ignorance ) like Italian food , japanese food , chinese food , but I would like to try someday.
I live in a big city , and here you can find restaurant from all over the word , so it is great and I love it .
I think I haven´t a favorite food , I like all kind of food from a ordinary sandwich from street food to pasta from a Italian cuisine

I traveled to London 2 years ago to meet my daughter. She was studying there at that time. I stayed for two weeks and I tried fish and chips. It was good, but a little heavy (or fat, I don't know the correct word for this). I didn't try English breakfast. It's difficult to me eat beans in the morning. I drank a lot of tea, without milk. I love it. In my country, I saw on Jamie Oliver's TV show a recipe of Beef Wellington. Sounds good, but I haven't tried it.