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Episode 12

Your comments about British food - and Carolina has a suggestion about a boy for Emily!

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Do you enjoy going to the cinema? What sort of films do you like watching? How about films from your country? Are there any you’d recommend to other podcast listeners?


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Intermediate: B1


hi everybody! 
I rarely go to cinema, but i like all kinds of film. Action film is the best choices of mine when i go to cinema because it's very attactive, esspecially english films.

hi all
talking about film , honestly I really  like all kind of the film exclude the horror film, but from al kind of film I tend like spy film, and of  my favorite is Born identity.  

Hello all
I agree with him that you will not find the British food the outside country , including in Indonesia i never  hearth or find it. talking the British food  i really try the chips & fish food , i have ever hearth that the food is one of the favorite food so i want try it.someday if i go to the British i will hunting the special food .

Hi, everyone!
I rare go to the cinema, because i don't like all kinds of films. I enjoy when I go to cinema with my friends. We often watch Bulgarian films. They are funny a bit strange and they always satirize Bulgarian mentality. We laught noisy and loudly, other people too :))
I also rare watch films at home. I don't like films with subtitle because I fall asleep :)
I know that I must watch English films and improve my listening skills.
I like animation, historical films, documentary, popular science and so on. I want to know everything :))

I am also big fan of the movies every weekend i would like to see the movie if the possible.

I like both going to the cinema and watching films on the DVDs. In cinema, i prefer to watch war films or horror because these kinds are more impressive there. On DVDs I usually watch dramas and animations. I watch animations for fun and dramas to see the way the scenarist or director think, and to learn their view of life. In this respect I like the films of Lars von Trier, such as Dogville and Manderlay.

It's a great time to go to the cinema for several points ,the ambiance is totally diffrent,the screen is so big that makes things appear very clear so its seems true .
People are diffrent so you can meet many nationalities and have a good time talking about all topics.
I like western movies although sometimes are boring because you can understand easily the story,you don't have to think a lot so that makes me relax.

i like movies but i have not been to a cinema yet.i am not much of a cinema goer and therefore i don't know how it feels like watching a movie on a big screen with all those special effects,and of course popcorns .
i like watching science fiction movies because they are all about what might be possible one day in future.they show us a technology that we we all would want to have.they take us into the world of magic where everything is done on just a click
i also like watching fantasy movies as they are all about imaginations.
these two types of movies have somehow an association because they both lift us beyond the real world of possibility into an imaginary world.
i would like to recommend u all to watch the movie The King's Speech.
it's really a wonderful movie and has won many oscar awards,not only for the plot but also for the amazing acting's about a king who can't talk properly .he's got a stammer and the difficult and embarrassing circumstances he has to go through because of it .
thanks to his patient wife who takes him to an experienced man and then the most difficult recovery phase begins.
this movie mad me cry and i am sure it will have the same effect on makes the viewer sympathize with him.

I really love to go to cinema. I like the films which are inspired from true stories and historic films. But the best films I've ever watched are Godfather series, also Scarface and Scent of a Woman. I think you notice that I am a fan of Al Pacino:)
Recently, it is drawn very good films in Turkey. Our famous director won awards in some international film festivals.I recommend you to watch the Turkish film named Once Upon A Time in Anatolia.

Hi. i am a big fan of movies .i have seen many classic movies like shawahank redemption shindlers list godfather series and many more i would highly recommend you to watch "3 idiots".this is the best bollywood movie i have seen in my life.if you are going to watch atleast one hindi movie watch will thank me for recommending this via internet and use proper this without any 100% gurantee.i heard that this film is going to remake into hollywood.thanks all