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Episode 12

Your comments about British food - and Carolina has a suggestion about a boy for Emily!

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Intermediate: B1


Hi everybody... Thanks for this Poadcast.. I'm siska and need learn english fluently.  Bay theway.. I never eat British food, maybesomeday when I come to UK hahaaa...

hi my names mohannad i love tearn english and i wish to be very good in inglish lanuage

Hello ,
I really like British food because its has great taste when i eat and good health to me .Thank

Nice podcast! I am happy to listen.
thanks BBC

I really love to eat British food because its have good taste and good health to everybody .

all the world people like to have the reletion ship with each other  but it's belong to send there ieam so the need to study longuege

i love to eat british food its have really good taste even i think its good food for health  because in my country there is no fresh food,very spicy and oily ........ 

Good material!

I have recently found this interesting page and I am sure it will be useful for me since I have been teaching English in my country, Peru, for a long time.  My purpose is to improve , both speaking and pronunciation, please give some advice. Tks. Rosario

Hello Maria!
Welcome to the site – we hope you do find it useful! It can be difficult to improve your speaking without talking, but one of the best ways to improve is simply by listening. We have lots of things for you to listen to on this site – stories, radio shows, and much more! You're welcome to use them in class, too – and don't forget we have a site specially for English teachers.
To actually practice your speaking though, one good technique is to record yourself with your computer or an mp3 recorder. Just answer some questions, or make up a conversation. Record it and play it back. It's very embarrassing at first, but you can listen for mistakes and work on improving your answers.
Good luck!
Jeremy Bee
The Learn English Team