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Episode 14

Rob and Adam see what you have to say about politeness, and Emily and Carolina discuss a certain boy...

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(Note that this exercise is designed to work with most English accents – some words may sound different in other accents.)


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Do you have lots of online friends? And do you know all of those friends in real life? Is online friendship different from real life?


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Intermediate: B1


Hi! My name is Ishmael Tholley from Sierra leone.I'm always exciting when listening this program on Radios and podcast why? Because it teaches me the correct way of saying a good grammar...
I really enjoyed this program,it's very exciting

Cameron is a lucky boy. because he could win Carolina's heart to a certain extant.but I'm repenting about my self hoping such a situation.

I have not got many online friends, but I would be happy if i could get to know someone from different country, different culture;). I was writing with one girl I found on a web-site created for people who are looking for penfriend from over the world. She is Hungarian and I've got her in my friends on fb.
Peter, you're from Poland like me! Are there some...I don't know interesting happenings, camps or whatever in our country(organized by polish agencies) that you can recommend me? Learning from papers etc. is fine but often not for me. I hardly remember things learned in this way or I am just not able to use them in real life, when i have to talk in English. I need practical exercises ...

Hi zolwojtek,
I think you can find quite a lot going on in Poland, but you'll need to search online a little to find just what you're looking for.  LearnEnglish doesn't recommend activities organised by other institutions as we can't take responsibility for their content or organisation, but you can find a lot of information about learning opportunities, English language cultural events and so on on British Council Poland's website:
I hope that helps you find what you're looking for.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hi, my name is María, I`m from Spain and I´m new in this page. I hope to have fun learning English.

Hey friends , I'm pleased to meet you. I'm from colombia! To the LearnEnglish team : 
This is a wonderful website Congratulatios! this is amazing , helpful, friendly,Comfortable to me. 

Blessings from colombia

Hi everybody,‎‏ ‏this is first time for me in this nice and useful site. T have afacebook and whatsapp but i chat with people in arabic.i don't fine chane to improve my english. I hope to help my . Please gus

hello iam Rita iam new here..and i wanna learn english..please help me to give me some advice..thanks

Hello Rita and welcome to LearnEnglish!
It's hard for me to give you any specific advice because I don't know anything about your level of English at the moment, or what you need it for now or will need it for in the future.  
The best advice I can give you is to explore the site: take a look at the Listen and Watch section and try the different audio and video texts available, perhaps starting with our, try some of the exercises in the Grammar and Vocabulary section and explore some of the other materials.  You'll see what kinds of things we have here on LearnEnglish and I'm sure you'll find a lot of things to help you.
Keep working on your English and you will make progress.  
Good luck!
The LearnEnglish Team

Hello,dear friends,
I am a new learner,kindly please advise me how to learn English as well as you,thanks.