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Episode 14

Rob and Adam see what you have to say about politeness, and Emily and Carolina discuss a certain boy...

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Do you have lots of online friends? And do you know all of those friends in real life? Is online friendship different from real life?


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Hi Parvez,
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The LearnEnglish Team

I do not have any social network account because I do not have enough time for that. 

Well , i have friends on the social network and saying either it is good or not good depends on many points ,one of them is the age of each person ,the society level and so on.
Making friends all over the world is very interesting , it helps us understand several cultures ,religion and plenty of other things.

yes i have a facebook account and have plenty of friends on it but few of them are the ones that i can't meet in real life ,you know,they are either from other cities or countries.
i think social networking sites are a good way of keeping in touch with your old friends and family members who are abroad.but one thing that i don't like about them, is that people often spend hours and days on chatting with someone that they don't know much about or that they are only friends with on these sites and don't meet each other in real life.this somehow damages our real life relationships and we don't give enough time to our family ,friends,partners etc.this creates a lope hole in our relationship and every now and then we misunderstand each other.
i don't understand why people prefer chatting with someone whom they can't meet over someone that they often it because they r bored of seeing the same faces or they don't know the importance of a real life friendship or relationship?
Anyways,whatever they do is upto them.but destroying your relationship or friendship by ignoring your partner or not giving him enough time over a chat is certainly not worth it.

the main benefit of social networking to me is finding  the old friends. We met with old school friends after years. It was excellent.  we talked about our lifes after school. some of us married, have children. we remembered the funny days from the past days:) It was good to hear from them. 
Actually, I have many online friends and I know all of them from my real life. someones are from past and the other ones from present.

Hello everyone!
I'm Yulia and I'm Russian. But I've been living in Japan for almost seven years.
I'd like to say a couple of words about social network. It's an easy way to make new fiends and keep in touch with your old ones especially when you move to other cities in your country or abroad. That's all! In my opinion, online friends you never meet in your real life cannot be the best or close friends. I think it's too boring to spend your time sitting by computers and chatting with people you don't really know. In my experience, most of online"friends" were really weird and I stopped talking to them. That's why I prefer to meet new people and make friends in my real life.
Thank you and best wishes!

yes I have friends online (Facebook .hotmail).I know them in really life
I believe  that  friends in really life is better than on line friends because there are  honest love  and really feeling between friends in life
also you can see  each other  meet and share every things so friendship will be strong and serious
on line friends  just  talking and share picture
Thanks so much 

Hi everybody.
I`m Maryam, from the capital of Iran, Tehran. I think all of us want to improve our English by writing or chatting together,but there is n`t any idea about it. who can help us? who has some subject to give?
best wishes

yes ,british
people really very polite........

why do not group