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A voicemail message

Listen to a voicemail message and answer the questions to practise your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.


John: Hi, this is John. Thanks for calling. I'm not here at the moment, so please leave a message and I'll call you back.

Marina: Hi, John, this is Marina Silva calling from Old Time Toys. Your colleague Alex gave me your phone number. She said you can help me.

I need some information on your new products. Could you please call me when you are back in the office? My phone number is 0-2-0-8, 6-5-5-7-6-2-1.

Also, can you please email me your new brochure and information about your prices? My email address is Marina, that's M-A-R-I-N-A, dot Silva, S-I-L-V-A, at O-L-D-T-I-M-E hyphen toys dot com.

Thanks a lot. I look forward to hearing from you.



Language level

Beginner: A1


never, maybe in the future when I'll be good in English ❤️

No. I don't do that.

No :( I have never called in English. This is a good time to start :)

I rarely leave voice messages in english, I rather wait to have a phone call to prevent misunderstandings. :)

Now, sending Voice messages is so much easy. Because Whatsapp and Messenger came.

No. I only leave messages when the subject is urgent!

Thank you it's very beneficial

No, I never had need to make voice phone calls or leave voicemail messagens in English, but now the company where I work have new costumers that comunicate in English.

Yes.I've sent voice message in the social networks a lot.

No, I never make phone calls or leave voice mails in English.