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Booking a table

Listen to someone booking a table in a restaurant to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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Beginner: A1


I really like Chinese food, but I live in countryside so I don't usually go to restaurant. Beside I have a room mate who loves cooking. there is always warm and delicious food in our house.

I don't have favourite restaurant. I like nice place with good and cheap food. I prefer places where is serving pizza and beer.

To be honest, my favorite restaurant is a kind of clean, with good customer service and reasonable price.

Oh, to be honest, I am not regularly going to the restaurant. So, I don't know much about the restaurant. I often go to the restaurant to celebrate an important holiday such as a birthday party, Women's Day, Valentine's Day, etc, ... And sometimes, I go to the restaurant because I want it. I think I like the restaurant with a nice view, clean, good food and especially excellent service attitude. Because I have to pay more money for the food in the restaurant instead of street food, I deserve it. I like the restaurant with the traditional Vietnam style, the quiet space, the window see outside. Maybe the restaurant is the best place to enjoy delicious food.

I love a restaurant with good food, good ventilation and good clean

Hi Kirk,
Could you please advise me on how can I improve my skills in business English espically formal writing skills? , do you recommend a book
I wasted around three years studying general English courses without any progress in my writing in my formal mail.

on a daily basis, I have to send 10 emails .so, I spend a long time searching for similar mail to copy.

Note: the British council in Egypt does not offer a business English course for individuals anymore.

Hello sea2007

I'm afraid I'm not familiar with any such book -- though I'm sure there are some good ones out there -- but I'd be happy to make some recommendations.

First of all, on our site you can find a section called English for emails, though I expect you may know most of what it covers already. There are also several business emails in our Reading and Writing skills sections; I would recommend you check out the B2 and C1 level sections of both -- there should be at least four business-related emails in B2 Reading, C1 Reading, B2 Writing and C1 Writing. We are also working on some new articles for our Business Magazine. I'm not sure how useful they might be for you, and it will be a few months before they are ready, but it might be a good place to look in the future. Finally, there is our LearnEnglish Select course, which you can join if you subscribe to LearnEnglish (though please know that this costs money).

Beyond this, I expect you could find example emails to use as models if you did an internet search for "example business emails" or something similar, though it sounds as if you already do this. If you were able to work with a business English teacher specifically on writing, I'm sure that would also be really useful.

I hope this helps you.

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team

Fdaili Agadr
I have completed the lesson for "booking A Table". The level I chose is Beginner A1.

Hello Fdaili Agadr

Thanks for your comment.

I just wanted to explain why we have not published your other comments. Our comments section is for asking questions about or commenting on the content of the page. Sometimes we allow other comments, but if there are too many, this makes it more difficult for other users to use our site.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.

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The LearnEnglish Team

I have completed the lesson for "booking A Table". The level I chose is Beginner A1.