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A phone call from a customer

Listen to the phone call from a customer to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Intermediate: B1


I think it is mean " I will follow up".

I think making exceptions is very important for important customers but also benefits on both sides should also be highly considered.

For me, this is due to the regulations where I work.

Yes, when it comes to important customers I do exceptions and favours because I always deal with them

I work in a National youth entrepreneurship fund an we fund or finance young people projects. Now when the terms of payement arrive, the young entrepreneurs have some cash flow difficulties and aske for extension. Obviously we give them the extension they ask for. however, the extension don't suit them because they activities don't grow up

Hello, everyone! I'm Japanese and I'll introduce tradition of Japan to everyone today. It is warabimochi. Have you ever eaten it? It is a kind of Japanese confectionery and tastes so soft and cool. Usually, we eat warabimochi with soybean flour, powdered tea, or dark molasses. Personally, I like to eat warabimochi with soybean flour and dark molasses best. Warabimochi has a long history. It was eaten by the Emperor Heian. Furthermore, it was also emergency provisions for the people on a farm. It is easy to make Warabimochi. It made from powdered warabi, water, and sugar. This is just three ingredients. Warabimochi is famous in Nara and Kyoto so there are many famous shops of Warabimochi. In my opinion, it is not famous for among foreigners than such a like sushi and tempura. However, like a warabimochi, many people in Japan eat Japanese confectionery now and these are low sugar and a calorie. If you want to eat something to sweet, I recommend you eat Japanese confectionery because these are so as sweet as cakes and snacks, but these are more health. For example, Japan has Dango, Daihuku, Monaka, Senbei and so on. It is difficult for everyone to travel to Japan now but if you come to Japan, you try to eat various Japanese confectionery.

I really like to travel in japan. But in oder to having visa. It is diffcult. I fail in this year

I work as a clerk at a super market in japan.
Customers often says to me, "I forgot my point card. what should I do?"
So I always make exception for the customer, and I give 1 week to the customer to bring the point card.
I think this is very good to keep good connection between clerk and customer. Thank you.

In my opinion, do favors or make exceptions for customers needs to be considered carefully to ensure benefit for both sides.

I think to do favour or makes an exception is important for success of any business that controlled by rules (an invoice, payment terms,....etc).