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Changing a meeting time

Listen to two colleagues arranging a meeting to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.


Lucy: Hi, Anna. Do you have a minute to talk about the meeting next Tuesday?

Anna: Sure. We said 11, didn't we?

Lucy: Yeah, we did. But I have a bit of a problem with the time. Would it be possible to move it?

Anna: Oh, I see. We could postpone it to the afternoon, to 1 p.m., for example. Or bring it forward to earlier in the morning. What would suit you?

Lucy: Could we make it 9 o'clock? That would really help me. I have another important meeting in the central office at 12.

Anna: No problem. It's important you're there.

Lucy: Thanks a lot, Anna.

Anna: Do you need help with any preparation? Did you get the agenda I sent out?

Lucy: Yes, I did. And no, that's all fine, thanks. My report is ready and I'm looking forward to presenting it.

Anna: Great.

Lucy: I can tell Sven about the time change. I'll see him later.

Anna: Don't worry about telling Sven. I'll send an email to everyone to confirm the time has changed and with an updated meeting invite.

Lucy: Great. Thanks, Anna.

Anna: OK. I'm happy that works for you. We really need you there and it's good we don't have to cancel it.

Lucy: See you then. Have a good weekend in the meantime.

Anna: You too.



Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


I'm a teacher in a primary school. I have meetings with my colleagues every monday. Before pandemic situation we met at school and we talked about students and didattics. Now we have virtual meetings using google classroom.

I'm a shopping assistant in Colombia, I always have meeting virtuals for Microsoft Teams, is more complicated communication for these media.

I work for a company and I always have virtual meetings with my coworkers for talking about the state of our projects with clients. For organise these meetings, I do this steps:
1. I identify the people who I need in the meeting.
2. I check their calendars in Outlook, for finding the best time for everyone, then I send the invitation for everyone and I explain the target and the items for dealing in the meeting.

If I talk about work , I have to go to client and supplier meetings. I arrange them through phones or emails. As per my personnel stuff I would setup a meeting with my hairdresser, beauty salon , my child's school teacher etc.

I always have a meeting on every tuesday by zoon application with work time.
I prepare my report about what i have achieved over week.
we discuss about many problems and challenges which faced the team on field level and looking at the anticipated solutions
Our field manger is one managing the meeting and he take all point actions and suggest the action that will be takens and procedures that will be followed.
he gives 10 minutes to every employee to talk .
Secondly, we discuss about the last week action points.
I will accept the invitation when i get it .
The meeting rarely ring it towards to the earlier date

I usually have the daily meeting with the customers about the project I'm working from 10 AM till 11h30. We discuss about the requirement, the solution and so on.

In this time I am not working for any firm. I have meeting with my friends and teacher to talk about our courses.

I usually take alarm to any invitations.

team we need to create a meeting to conversation. regards

1 Hi, Galya
2 Hello
1 How are your?
2 I am Ok, thanks what about you?
1 Me too, thanks. Do you remember about our meeting? I send to you email with agenda last Friday.
2. Sorry, but I didn't check my mail, yet. Which time will the meeting?
1. At 9 o'clock on Saturday.
2. So early? Would it possible to move it?
1. Let me thing, we could postpone at 1 p.m or postpone at 10 a.m on Sunday? Which time do you prefer?
2. Sunday is Ok.
1. All right, I will send email to everyone with new time of meeting.
2. Thank you a lot.