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Transport announcements

Listen to some transport announcements to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


i never travel by plane or train

I often travel by train and i usually take the first class at the near carriage. i think that travelling by train it more secure. Moreover conveniently the train platform is close to the city where i live. Sometimes passengers are delayed for few minutes, but there are so many underground lines that allow passengers to travel easily from a place to others . Besides , rail services are not expensive and good. Finally by travelling by train i can undoubtedly enjoy the beautiful scenery of my country

Absolutely, traveling is my cup of tea so I'm keen on travelling every corners in my country and around the world. Therefore, I always travel by planes and trains, but plane is convenient and fast. On the other hand, plane is helped me to save time when I move from the place to other places. Beside that, with train you can enjoyed a plenty of attractive sightseeing on the way. Probably, you have a chance to enjoying tasting all different cuisines belonging the train.

Usually I travel one time by plane when I am gone to distance place. I travel by train or bus when I travel local places. In India platform is fully noisy and crowdy. There is a lots of mismanagement in the platform.

I often travel by plane and train. But since covid-19, I never travel anywhere.Therefore I miss so much it.

Many times, I'm getting travel by train, but I traveled two times by airplane even now, so I'm enjoying travel by the train more than airplane despite the airplane is faster.

Hi! I have never traveled by train or plane, but I would like to try it! It seems like a nice experience.

I have traveled by plane only two times till now. But I love traveling by train as well. That's fun and you can meet new people on the train and make friends. If I need to travel fast then only I choose a plane.

I usually use train to travel. I have never travelled by plane.

Since I was a student in Europe, most of my life is by travel. I use both transpiration. I have a lot of flights over the countries and insight in-country travel by train.