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Understanding an explanation

Listen to a professor's explanation to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


Yes, my last lecture was held two days before. It was about economics it was held online due to virus. Teacher can't explain well because network issues. He was seem bad academicians He had no experience to how to teach students very well.

I can`t remember

i never had a lecture.

it was about labor organization and ILO. IT WAS USEFULL. AND MANY LECTURR EXPLAIN.

it was about korean alphabet

Well, if I remembered clearly, when I was in the university that we had a trouble with many subjects, so these professors were willing to explain all of things for students. However, some subjects were difficult understand that the one of reason was made a number of students to fail the final exam.

My last lecture is on public finance. Public finance is a branch of economics. Lecture was held offline. We obey the government regulations. We made a social distancing each other. Teacher explain about canons of public expenditure. Teacher had explained very well. There was no doubt.

Really, I didn't remember the last lecture, I had took, but I'm not sure the last one was lecture on design thinking, oh, that was 12 years ago.

I dont remember it. But usually the lectures were boring because academics were so bad.

And my last lecture is about english.