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Understanding an explanation

Listen to a professor's explanation to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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Pre-intermediate: A2


The last lecture i went to about a new life outside society. It taught me a lot of things, taught me how to live healthily and live better in a new environment

I didn't have any lectures recently, but it was last year that we had a nice conference and a person who works for Afghan Electoral Commission, explained us some important points about the importance of justice and equity in electoral process. He also precisely demonstrated the ways of cheating in the process of election. Some examples and statistics were from USA and many other countries. I learned a lot in that day.
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Respected Sharif, oh your poor land...wishin' ya good studies and continuing ya studies in Mumbai/more excellent place! :))

Hello Pevelchinsky Alexander Alexandrovich

Could you please put your username in Roman letters (i.e. the alphabet used in English and Spanish)? Some users are able to read Cyrillic, but many cannot.

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The last lecture that I went to was before three months. It was about teachers provisional development. Well, it was so boring, everybody was sleepy.

The last lecture that I had was online lecture with my lovely English tutor about keeping safe against coronavirus. she explained it clearly and the meeting was so helpful and informative for me.

The last lecture I went to was about mass spectrometry, and unfortunately my professor did'nt explain it clearly

My last lecture was awesome.It’s Great.
I learned about microeconomics.Our professor explained clearly.But it is not sure to attend the class due to Corona virus. I wish my class was opened early .

The last lecture that is online is Japanese history lesson today.My teacher explained old burial mound.

Yes, last time was in my university.