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Understanding an explanation

Listen to a professor's explanation to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Hello Hevi.m

'one at a time' is another way of saying 'one by one' -- in other words, first one person asks, then another one, then another one, etc.

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The last lecture I went to was about the global economy .
I don't thinks that she had explain much clear
the Fibonacci number made of sum of past two numbers
and start from number 1 unlike other sequences which
start by zero because (0+0 = 0) for this reason we have double
1 in the Fibonacci sequence 1 , ( 0+1) = 1 , ( 1+1) = 2 , ( 2 +1 ) = 3, .. 13, 21 ,34 , 55 , 89 and so
But one of the most interesting thing in the Fibonacci sequence is the number (1.618 ) the Golden Ratio . it made when we divide any number
of the sequence by its before number after the seventh number in the sequence .e.g. ( 21/13) = 1.6153 , (34/21)=1.619 , (55/34)= 1.617 ..
I use fibonacci numbers every day in my business

I don't remember what was the last lucture I went to about. I think it cencerned history because I studied this subject several years ago.

the last lecture, i attended was about the accounting principles . It's so quite inextricable difficult but my professoe explain it very clearly and spefical so i can understand whole lesson and can do my homework.

the last lecture that I attended was on the oil and gases
It was very clear and easy to understand.

i have completed my task

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I have completed the task that consist of ten questions which is, An invitation to a party, Changing a meeting time, Changing plans, Facts and figures, Four conversations, Instructions for an assignment, Leaving a message, Missing a class, Transport announcements, Understanding an explanation

It's incredible! When I was a student I never understood anything about mathematical concepts. Now ,while I'm studying English, I can understand a brief mathematical lecture! So, congratulations to this professor: her explanation was really brilliant. Thanks so much.

The last lecture I went It was called 'Conscious leadership, the business of being you'. This one was absolutely fascinating and the topics dealt with were Theories and styles of leadership, Emotional Intelligence, teamwork,etc. Some times I had some doubt but I asked speaker and he explained me elaborately even with some examples.