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A message to say you're late

Learn how to write text messages to tell a friend you're going to be late.

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and tips and do the exercises.

Reading text

I'm running 10 mins late, sorry!

No problem!

Aargh! Traffic is really bad. I'll be more than 10 mins late now, sorry again!!

It's OK, don't worry. I'm in the café already so it’s fine

This is not my day! I'm here but can't find a place to park. I'm looking for a different car park. Not sure how long I'll be

OK, LMK when you find a place

I might get something to eat tho

Of course! I'll be as quick as I can


Found one! Be there in 10 mins

Well done! See you soon

Thx for waiting


1. You don't need to write complete sentences for text messages.

2. Use abbreviations like LMK (= let me know) or use emojis to save time writing.

3. You don't need to use full stops (.) at the end of messages.

4. Say how many minutes you think you'll need, e.g. I'm running 10 minutes late.

5. It’s good to say sorry and sorry again, but you don't need to say sorry in every message.



Language level

Beginner: A1


I am always on time. Every minute important for me. Even, I always try to early come.

I am usually on time. For me, "late" mean you come after exactly the time you said before.

I am usually late , I think 5 mins is late because, time goes on very slowly for someone that waiting, and very fast for someone that is late.

Unfortunately, I am usually late, and most of the time about 15 to 30 minutes. I think this is happening because I am always getting ready in the last minutes and sometimes things missed up.

It depends on formal or informal meetings.
m(_ _)m

Yes, i did

I always have a sense to go to work on time but i used to be late several times because i had got a problem on my way to work.

Dear British Council,
Please guide me to do" Writing A1: A message to say you're late – preparation"?
I don't add other answers in groups, I can only put 1 answer in correct groups.
I wait feeback form you!.

Hello linhview
I'm sorry this was confusing. You have to always move the words by clicking or pressing on the small white hands in the top right corner of the word boxes.
For example, if you already moved 'Sorry!' into the second box and you want to move 'I'm running late' to the box, you must click on the small hand in the top corner of the 'I'm running late' box and then you must click on the small hand in the top corner of the 'Sorry!' box. Then it should move there.
It sounds difficult but is quite easy once you see how it works. Please let us know if you have any more trouble with this, and sorry for the inconvenience!
All the best
The LearnEnglish Team

Usually I'm late 10 to 15 mins but I'm working to be punctual.