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An email about a business event

Learn how to write an email about a business event.

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and tips and do the exercises.

Reading text

To: Jonas Schiffer
From: Nina Petrov
Subject: Report on Lumos conference

Dear Jonas,

Thanks for making it possible for me to go to the Lumos conference in London last week. As you know, it is the biggest technology conference in the country and very important to our work.

I learned a lot and I've made some new contacts that will be good for our company. I think we should try to attend the 'Innovation Day' in April as well.

I focused on talks about robotics, as that is our most interesting area at the moment. The presentations on robot 'hands' and robots for hospitals were particularly interesting for us. I'm attaching a detailed report on this new research with some suggestions about how we can use it.

Thanks again for this opportunity. I'm happy to discuss the report further if you're interested.

Best regards,


  1. Start your email with Dear to make it a little more formal. Hi is informal.
  2. Give the context at the beginning, e.g. Thanks for … or As you know, …
  3. Make sure you explain the importance of the event for your company:
    I've made some new contacts that will be good for our company.
    … were particularly interesting for us.
    … with some suggestions about how we can use it.
  4. Keep your email short. Add an attachment if you have more to say:
    I'm attaching …
  5. You can finish by offering to give more information:
    I'm happy to discuss the report further if you're interested.
  6. You can sign off with Best regards.



Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


Hi Shelly,

That's great :) Thanks. We hope you enjoy learning here.

Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

I am changing my surname , but I cannot find the right place to modify it, could you help me?

Ok, thank you. I am changing it.

Thanks for offering me the opportunity to attend Accounting and finance conference last week. As you know it was one of the biggest conferences in the financial field, and very important for our work.
I learned a lot about the last accounting software and I have made new contacts, that we will be helpful for our company in the future
I'm attaching a detailed report and some suggestions.
I'm happy to discuss ideas further if you are interested.

I am still a student, so I have never been there. And I don't know the details. It's very interesting because I have never been to a party in the first place. I would like to become an adult who can enjoy a party politely if I go there in the future. And I would like to interact with people from overseas. Therefore, I will do my best to study English. While I am a student, I participate in many school events and club activities. Students have had a lot of discussions with my classmates for success, and I'm in production. These are very fun and good memories. Events and competitions that we work together with everyone are very valuable experiences. I would like to make use of the things in the future that I learned there at work. I would like to participate and enjoy the future student life events more than ever. I think I should prepare well to become a respectable worker. I'm sad that my students life will end soon, but I am really looking forward to the future.

I usually have a lot of conferences for work that related to the latest chemical equipment and machinery used in the pharmaceutical laboratory. I learned a lot and I've made some new contacts that will be good for my company. I focused on the talks about unique technologies and instrumentation that measures the content of various components in a sample. This is the most interesting area of my company at the moment. The presentations on GC (Gas Chromatograph) and LC (Liquid Chromatography)machines were particularly interesting for me. I always make a detailed report on this new researches with some suggestions about how my company can use it. My manager seems to appreciate how I complete my tasks.

I've taken part in several conferences for work. Actually, I used to go a least once per year. I think it's very important to participate in that kind of event. You can find out something new and valuable to do your job better and you can make some new business contacts to share experience, thoughts, and problem-solving. You can also find a new job, why not?

We often go to events and conferences at work. Nopwadays I visit confernces on zoom.

Although I have had the opportunity to attend several work events, unfortunately, I have not done yet because of lack of time. I am aware of the importance of attending such events because those contribute to enhance our knowledge.I committed myself to attend the upcoming conferences whose I would be invited.

No, I don't. I've never attended a work events or conference, because I don't work. I'm still a student. However, I do a part-time job at a Japanese bar. I think the people who attend a work events or conference is a someone who can work well. For example, employees or manager. It is very important for a company to do events or conference so, part-time worker like me is not offer. I want to try the big work such as work events or conference. Maybe an offer will come if I can do job perfectly. I will try that.