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An advert

Learn how to write an advert.

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and tips and do the exercises.

Reading text

Sofa for sale

This gorgeous brown sofa made by is excellent quality and extremely comfortable. It is in immaculate condition (see photo) and comes with a 25-yr guarantee. Material is cotton and it has a cool modern feel.

Cushion covers are all removable and machine washable, with a quality foam filling, and it's super comfortable. Keeps its shape when you sit on it. The dark-coloured wooden legs can be easily removed to allow the sofa to fit through a standard doorway.

No wear and tear as we've only had it for two years and kept it in good condition. Sofa comes from a smoke-free, pet-free home. Only selling it due to moving house as the new place isn't big enough for the sofa.

Sofa measurements:

  • Width: 182 cm
  • Overall height: 81 cm
  • Height without legs: 63 cm

Any questions, feel free to ask. Asking price: £250. **For collection ONLY**


  1. Keep the advert short, with clear paragraphs or bullet points.
  2. Include description of the material, style, size/measurements and condition.
  3. Say if the item must be collected or if you can deliver it.
  4. You can leave out certain words to make sentences shorter, e.g. Selling due to moving house instead of I am selling … .



Language level

Upper intermediate: B2


In my opinion, selling or buying second-hand through online is one of the most effective strategies nowadays. Each of us has something anyway that we don't need anymore, so you should donate to those people who need it seriously.

If there is a site that check the things and we can trust it, yes it is a good way to buy second hand things. especially in this days that covid-19 virus is a barrier to traffic and accumulation.

In my opinion is very good way of shopping. You may very easy save a lot of money when you buy secondhand furniture. There is a lot of shops online like ebay, amazon, gumtree or facebook market when you can get a secondhand furniture still in very good condition. Instead of paying hefty sums in stores is better to buy things like this online.

I try to buy secondhand furniture because it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. But that doesn't concern home appliances.

It looks like the secondhand trade is going very well and is also growing with internet; sure enough there are many websites which offer the platforms for putting into contact sellers and buyers. Personally I don't use these, because I prefer to buy new things.

I think buying/selling secondhand things online is the best way to manage your household. Each of us has something that we don't need anymore. what to do with them? Throw away? But what if someone needs something of that stuff but doesn't have enough money to buy the new one? For example, that gorgeous brown sofa from the text above. No doubt, you can't buy the new sofa for 250 pounds but you can afford the nice and hardly used one for that price.
I often use that kind of sites to buy or sell (mostly kids clothes and shoes). Those kids grow so fast - you have to buy things like forever. And only you bought something - they have already outgrown it. So you sell your thing in good condition and buy something bigger instead.

I never sold or bought secondhand things through internet. But I think with the dramatic development of digitalization, selling secondhand things is a trend for all of us, especially the things used for kids. We always buy lots of things for our kids that may not being used for a long time as they grow so fast, but how should we handle it if they are set aside. Selling things that are still in good condition as a relative low price online is a good choice. If I had a chance I would prefer to buy secondhand furniture as the new ones are really expensive.

It depends, there a lot of excellent goods from secondhand websites but to be honest for me have never worked.They normally doesn’t deliver and I have no car so it’s quite difficult,
But In general when the person has a car and is able to collect might be amazing !

Yes, Nowadays, We buy things which we don't actually need in the 21st-century capital system. Digital advertising and manipulation tricks for selling make us think like "We can't live if we don't have this and that." When we buy something, we understand for a while later; we don't need actually. And all stuff going to garage or garbage somehow. Buying or selling second hand is good for environmental recirculation and save money

I don't know if buying or selling secondhand things online is a good way of shopping. I've not verified if that works, because, on the one hand, I dislike buying secondhand things and, on the other hand, I think that, if someone wants to eliminate something, it would be better donate it to people who need it.