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I usually don't use English learning apps. But I try to learn the British council's podcast app. I learn English lessons on the British council's website today.
It is a very nice lesson and actually enjoy. I will try the best. Thank you so much.

Currently I've been really into an app called "Tandem", it's an app of social media, specially to talk with strangers from all over the world. There are many apps like that, however, what makes it different than the others is that this one allows you to access different functions and options that the other apps ask you to pay for. Not to mention its accurance and the stylish user interface.(This is not sponsored xD)

My favourite app is IELTS speaking vocubularies, I prefer the app because it helps me to learn English by speaking, reading, listening and writing. Since I started using the app I'v improved my English in all mentioned categories. Everyday I get at least one or more new vocubularies. Self speaking practise has boosted my confidence in speaking. Listening TED talk has helped me to strengthern my ability of listening english words and to be familiar with engnglish pronunciations. I believe in more days to come I'll master the language effectively.

My favorite app for learning is the British Council’s IELTS Prep App, because it has range of resources, providing comprehensive knowledge and abundance learning materials for all the 4 skills learning needs, and practicing such as listening, reading, writing and speaking. It is very easy to download from Google play store or app store to be used with your mobile phones, tablets or iPad. I believe this is a very good app for students who are both working and studying at the same time. So they will have more flexible learning options and also be able to overcome the time limit difficulties. They can even learn on the go, such as on the bus or train with utmost convenience.

I usually used babbel to learn english or other apps to listen english lesson podcast, e.g audible.

I prefer learning through British Council because it focuses on the all sides of learning and specifically listening and reading.

It's quite hard to find the most favourite apps for learning English today. There is too many apps on CH play or App store to choose from. Here I want to share some apps I like most because they have dealt with my situation. For a long time I haven't actively been learning English except for news, social media, jobs and movies. I will need to do an IELTS test, next months and have been extremely worried of: grammar, speaking, writing...etc.
Firstly, I found this website with guide to Takeielts[dot]com some months ago. I browsed the latter website and find out IELTS Prep. I read its Preparation section and it blow my grammar worry away by useful and simple information. More useful things in its, of course, I will check next days. The most important thing with me when using this app, along with Road to IELTs website and maybe this website, that I see IELTS does not ask me for perfect English.
Secondly, I am most worried of is the speaking skill. No one to talk, no one to check....etc, then I use 'ELSA Speak' for practicing pronunciation and some conversations. ELSA is an AI (artifact Intelligent) app, developing by a Vietnamese woman and some of US professors. It can measure your pronunciation at once. But it is not enough for speaking skill, I have found "IELTS Speaking (Band9)" app. It has tips, samples, specially recording your voice and Live Speaking from which you can call and speak with friends using this app from everywhere. You can practice listening and speaking at the same time and the quality of speaking is up to you. At least you can speak more fluently and they can understand you.
About writing skills I have found "IELTS Writing" of Fariz.... It has useful samples, lessons and practice tests. You can also use "IELTS Writing (band9)" for tips and guide videos. Don't worry of 'band 9' or the same because they are costumes. I use them along with this website as I am writing now.
Please note that 3 "IELTS..." apps I mentioned above have very long long guides and tips which can make you confused or even more worried. Should you use some most useful things of them or just for references.
Hope they all will help me be better and get things I need. Right now, it takes me more an hour to compose some kind of short writing as this one. The struggle with speaking and writing skills is I have to use my own words actively... wow, a long road to go.
(Too long for a conclusion?!)

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