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I want to make a review about a fantastic film from Hollywood I watched last sunday. The film's name is Parabellum and is a sequel of John Wick. Overall, I recommend this film for 16+ ages because there is so many special effects with blood scenes throughout the film. I assure you will not waste 2 hours when watching it. Also, it's a good idea that you should watch 2 first films in its series before this one, If you like to understand deeper. John Wick is a kind of film you hardly resist watching.
Let's go further to the film's content. Its plot is about things happening around an underworld of gangs in New York where John Wick, a famous killer, tries to escape from a $14 million contract for his head. I'd rather talk about contexts, characters and stories rather than the special effects of blood boxing scenes, fast pace acting and martial art levels. I really like 2 things: Rules and high class conversations. First, about the rules along the film you can feel everyone has to follow rules strictly with any price they have to pay even their lives; you are going to die if you break the rules. In addition, if you watch the second film of this John Wick's series, you will hear a short conversation between the Continental hotel's owner and John about the rules: "without rules, we are like animals". Second, I'd like to talk about the high class conversations. From the start of the series to this film, you can learn a lot of proper formal conversations between the Continental hotel's manager and the others. Besides, you also able to see them when John speak to a tailor in Italy, or when the girl from high table talk with a Japanese chef. Watching the film and trying to note the way the characters follow the rules and act conversations, you will love it as I do.

The last film I have watched is The Flying Scotsman, the film is the story of Grane Obree, who was a two times Track Cycling world champion on and broke the hour rercord twice. However, his life was not easy at all, Grane had to solve a mind illness after he went to the ground trying to break the time of Chris Boradman in the UK Championship.

I had a problem with the task 1!

Every time when i was going to select a description to organize the activity, the answered one disappeared all the time and i finished answering just with one answer in each point.

but in task 2 i didn't have any problem at all.
Can anyone explain me what was the problem?

Hello Andres,

When you select a second item you need to click on the box itself rather than on an item inside the box. If you click on the box (which should change to a darker colour when you select an item) then you will add your item. If you click on an existing item then you will swap it out.



The LearnEnglish Team

I watched "chernobyl" from HBO last week. It is incredible film in 5 parts about awful explosion in nuclear reactor that took a place in Sovet Union in 1986. Whole continent could damage because of this accident, but real people made everything and gave everything, even their lives, that manage this problem. No special effects, but great actors and great plot that was create on real story, that made this movie (series) so fearing and exciting. Chernobyl is worth watching.

It is interesting as well as educative

I appreciate the diversity you make in the subjects. Very nice.