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Do these exercises to learn the names of colours.


Language level

Beginner: A1


my favorite colors are black, white, and grey but that doesn't mean i don't like the other colors

I love black, white , orange and yellow colour. I also like purple and blue.

My favourite colours are blue, green and violet.

I like Purple Rain, Red, Yellow Submarine, Pink..... ;)

my favorite color is blue, black and purple

my favorite color is wine

my favorite colors are yellow and red

My favorite color is blue and wine

I like almost all colors . But my favourite colors are black, white and red.

My favourite colour is red. All my little staffs are red, fox example my bluetooth speaker, drip mat, key chane, lighter... Because the colour of red seems to me very coluorfull and lively. When I see red things around me, my mood rise.