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Daily routine

Do the exercises and learn how to talk about what you do every day.


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Beginner: A1


I live in Myanmar. In my country, people usually have lunch at 12p.m.

in cambodia we have lunch at 12pm - 01pm,

in india we usually have lunch at 12 p.m.

usually we have our lunch at 2a.m or 3a.m . in fact i live in egypt

usually, we have breakfast at 8 am

Lunch ?????

where I live people have lunch at 9:00 a.m.

my family and I had lunch at around 11:30

In my country, people in work mostly get lunch time in 11:30 or 12:00 . And they have their lunch in this time.

I live in Canakkale in Turkey. We have lunch from at 12:00 noon to 01:30pm. We have 1 hour to have lunch. When the lunch break starts depends on our workplaces. Some places start at 12 noon, some places starts at 00:30pm. I have lunch at 00:30pm to 01:30 pm. I go to my house when the weather lets me to cycling or walking home. Beause going home from work takes 10 minutes. If the weather is bad, I bring my lunch to work and I eat at my desk.