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We usually have a lunch at 3 pm in Egypt ,

We have lunch about 1pm .

I'm from Vietnam. We often have lunch from 11am to 12am

I live in Colombia, in Bogota in my country is common to have lunch from 12 to 2 pm.

HI! Jazmin in México we have lunch between 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm.

I live in India. Here people have lunch at different times.The people who go to office job, they have their lunch during lunch break. Where as the people who are in business they don't have their lunch at particular time. Most of the businessmen skip their lunch. They had their breakfast and then like to have their dinner at night with their family.

I live in Chinese.
We often have lunch at noon.

In my country you have lunch often at 12 pm

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The two phrasal verbs 'get up' and 'wake up' are similar, but different. When your alarm rings in the morning you 'wake up' as you are no longer sleeping. 'Get up' means that you get out of bed. 'I wake up at 7am, but i don't get up until