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in italia, where i live, the people usually lunch at 13.00 o'clock

Th people usually have lunch between 12 and 14 in Iran.

In my country, we usually have lunch between 12 and 13. But the suitable time to be together is at dinner time.

In the country where I used to live, we prepare a meal for lunch between 12:30 to 2:00. But usually, all family can be together for dinner because parents are at work at noon normally.

Hi!!! In where I live, people have lunch from 12:00m until 02:00pm.

In Sudan it's not like others countries.
We have braekfast at 10 AM. and make your after come back form work at 4 PM and eat lunch at 5 PM.

which different between get up and wake up?

Hello swzan,

Wake up means to stop sleeping.

Get up involves a physical movement. You can get up from a table or get up in the morning (get out of bed).



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we usually have lunch at 12.30 p.m