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Snacks and desserts in Britain

Vocabulary exercises to help learn words for some snacks and desserts in Britain.


Language level

Beginner: A1


When i go out i like hot chocolate fudge cake with cream or thick custard , or chocolate sundae, snakes we have crisps chocolate bars ,cakes or jogourts sometimes jaffa cakes or biscuits.

I like eat many desserta.But the most of them are ice cream and cake.This summer I ate apple pie and I like it so much.I can free say the apple pie is one of my favourite desserts.
The typical snacke in my country is pastry.

I like to eat chocolate cake

I like to eat chocolate and cake. Where I live, the pie was famous snacks..

I like chocolate, and in my country eat cake.

I like to eat for dessert an ice cream. Because ice cream is an increasing of milk, sugar and something fruits. I prefer an ice cream espically hot weather. i like to eat for snacks nuts. İts healty for us especially for us hearth. Every day i eat nuts only 10.

In my country,without these habbits when eating;