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Air travel

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yes, I have been travelling many times and my longest trip was between Egypt and Saudi Arabia. It was great and I enjoyed that flat with my family.

I travelled a lot by plane in my country. My the longest journey was to United Kingdom that took 3 hours.

I have travelled by plane from Cuba to Germany. It was an 11 hours traveling.

fantastic, i like air travelling, specially long one, i remember when i traveled from Dubai to japan, the flat was 10 hours, i was so happy.

Yes, I have travelled by air several times, the longest were from Paris to Chile and from Quebec to Chile. And another was not so long from Chile to San Francisco and was very funny because for the change of time zone I took breakfast 3 times!!

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Hi guys I have traveled a lot but my last journey was good enough

Yes, I have travelled by air once. The travel went from Jakarta to Surabaya, these are name of the cities in Indonesia. It took only 2 hours of flight. It's not so long if we look it into the standards of time, but since it was the first flight for me, then it became the longest flight i've been taken.

Cmiiw about the grammar, please. Thank you :)

No, I haven't travelled by air, so there is'n the longest flight. I have taken travelled by sea. That is the first I went to a port, I'm very afraid but fortunately I went there with my friend. The time we travelled there was two days and one night in the ship. It is not the longest travelled but I and my friend enjoyed the travelled.