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Body parts 2

What's the difference between your thumbs and your toes? Do these exercises to find out and to learn vocabulary for more body parts.


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Intermediate: B1


When I was a child I had fell from the roof and my ankle has twisted. My father took me to the hospital for first aid. Then I couldn't walk for two weeks.

When I was playing football in my college team during semi final match my right toe was badly injured.

Many years ago I stumbled in a step of a pavement and I injured myself at the right ankle. The technician put my leg in a cast for one month, but, when the plaster was removed, I was incapable of moving my ankle and I had to follow rehabilitation terapies for a long time.

When i was eleven, i broke my ankle by playing soccer

Uncle Sam
Ankle Thumb

Yes, when I was 11 years old that's time a day I and my friends playing cricket match and I was wicketkeeper my forehead was become damage and fell blood.from then I don't play cricket match. I watch only.

when i was a kid i fell down on both my knee and my elbow ,my wrist was affected too .
hitting your toes or your ankle in the door hurts so much .

When I was younger I fell down on my elbow. I had an awful pain. Also when I fell off the bike I had the wrist ache. And also It is very awful when I hit the ankle.

unfortunately, I have a bad habit, I peel my finger's skin and hurt it. Several times, I have tried to break it but I wasn't successful.

They say that I've beautiful eyebrows got but I know myself my teeth are not that beautiful .Although my friends use to say that scarlet lipsticks don't suit with my face,I still put them on as I like them.