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Christmas in the UK

Happy Christmas! Do these exercises and learn words to talk about Christmas in the UK.


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Upper intermediate: B2


In my country people prepare many food and drinks for New Year, like chicken or turkey roast, rice, crisps, cokes, wine. Some people wear Santa Clothes in the streets and squares. While New Year time (24.00) approaching they begin to countdown from 10 to one then celebrate each other's new year. They wish a year better than last year for each others.

In my country we celebrate all the Christian holidays, especially Christmas, Easter and All Saints' Day; furthermore there are other holidays as New Year, Carnival, Halloween, August 15th, wich come from pagan traditions, but were christianized, although now these were celebrated without no links to the Christian faith.

New Yea, equinox day,.....

I live in the UK. The majority of the people here celebrate Christmas, Easter. Born fire, and Halloween in the holidays on there specific times. The big event and festival people celebrate Christmas every year in 25th of December.

Could you please explain me something in task 4?
In sentence 4 from task 4, "Santa has eight reindeer to help pull his sleigh." I don't understand why "reindeer" is written without an "s" at the end?

Hi Leila77,

The plural of reindeer is the same as the singular form. It's irregular :)


The LearnEnglish Team

Thanks a lot.

I love celebrate Christmas! So, I trimmed the tree with tinsel, lights and ribbon. My family and I change some gifts. I usually cook Christmas pudding, turkey and rice . My son is excited to receive Santa and put his letter in the stocking. This year I decorate my porch with a big snowman, reindeer toys with sleigh.

My holiday starts in first July and end August. I usually go home and spend time with parents , grandparents and other family members.I live in Lucknow India.

hello in my country where i was born, we celebrate christmas and new year, And that's a big season for my family, to celebrated the christmas, we buy tinsel, holly to decorate our christmas tree and then cooking food, pray for all family.