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Vocabulary exercises to help learn words related to health.


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Intermediate: B1


I think none is keen on going to the doctor or dentist, but sometimes it's necessary. It could be better if we curated the prevention, however it's always no possible. With regard to me, I have to use a tablet every day due to a chronic sickness.

Yes, I have used all the list! ;)

When I am unwell I like going to see the doctor. He gives me medicine which makes me feel better, most of the time he gives me tablets.

I am generally a healthy person, but when I do have to attend the hospital, I am not afraid, just a little nervous.

When I go to see the doctor and the dentist, I'm usually not afraid of them but I hate having a tooth impression taken. I never want to do it.

How do you feel about getting vaccinated for Covid-19?
I'm scared... ;)

Hi Rafaela, where are you from? You don't need to be afraid of the vaccines, they are a fantanstic tool made with advanced science, I recommend that you read some material about the scientific method, so you will learn how science works, and you will be confident about science. You can also watch a TV show called "COSMOS" it was presented by Carl Sagan, it's very cool and you will learn lots of things about science. If you understand portuguese you can read the book "Ciência no Cotidiano" by the microbiologist Natalia Pasternak. I am a student of STEM and I can garantee to you, vaccines are our only chance to win this war against Covid-19. Good learning for you.

Although there are lots of tools to help the doctor to treat the patient like X-ray but still the people suffer as a result of wrong medicine and side effect.
so we have to keep good health with eat healthy food and practice

I'm not afraid when I go to the doctor or dentist. But I don't like so much, mainly when I go to the dentist, because my lips needs to stay open all the time!

I used to be afraid of going to doctors and especially to dentists. But now I am afraid only that the bill will be huge. I prefer going to the doctors as often as it need. Because it is better to prevent the illnesses than to threat them. I strongly do not recommend being cyberchondriac. It is a life-threatening decision to make a diagnosis via not reliable websites. Take care!