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Meat and fish

Do these vocabulary exercises and learn words for different kinds of meat and fish.


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Intermediate: B1


Many years ago, I were eating much more meat, but I eat meat only a time a week now. I don't eat all kinds of meat, I prefer veal, ham and chicken, whereas, concerning fish, I eat the species which live in the Adriatic sea anyway, because my Region overlooks this sea. There are many people vegetarian, but I know nobody.

I eat two portions of meat and one portion of vegetable. Yes my friend is a vegetarian.

I am not a person who eats a lot of meat, I usually eat burgers or chicken. No, I don't know any vegetarian.

I am a Muslim, so I don't have to eat A frock such as ham and bacon.
I like to eat meat like beef, lamb, chicken and duck, also eat prawns and crab it is health food.

I eat all kinds of meat in this list. But I don't know exactly how much that I consume per time. It's hard to weigh, perhaps I'm unaware of this information. Anyway, thanks for it. And I don't know anyone who is a vegetarian. I assume we all eat meat but more or less amount.

hello, i eat everything that i want, and i'm not vegetarian. i really love eats duck. bacon, ham , sausage , chicken.

I eat meat about 5 times a week. It is difficult to quantify how much I eat ;aproximately between 150 and 250 grams each time. My cousin became vegetarian a few years ago. He decided so because he had been having a lot of health issues, all related to fat and sugar intake. Since then, he cut down on the amount of sugar he ate and stopped eating all kinds of meat.

I am really like pig such a ham and bacon but not like british people fried it, so I like make it grilled, and I love eat chicken, duck, fish,prawns and crab.
I don't know what is it right thing for a vegetarian, but maybe the fish, prawns and crab, these foods I think will be healthy and properly for vegetarians.

I really like meat, different kind, such as lamb, beef, chicken or bacon. I know it's not very good to eat it everyday so since few years now I try to change a bit and eat more fishes and prawns which are very good when well cooked. But be vegetarian is something that I can't be today....I know few of them and respect their's more meat more me ;-)

I eat meat everyday, such as beef, pork and chicken. My sister is a vegetarian.