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Other animals

Do these vocabulary exercises and learn the names of some birds, insects and other animals.


Language level

Intermediate: B1


When I was a child I used to play insects such ant, frog, spider and even snakes. One day a scorpion had bitten me while I sleep. Since that day I'm afraid of scorpions and other toxic animals. But I don't hate them. Some people kill them because of their fears. This situation makes me sad. I believe that all tne creatures have right of life.

I hate snakes....! Very scaring... :(

I see some animals that are found in my area and some are found in further away. Yes I would like to have a budgie as a pet.

I see spiders and beetles everywhere I live. I wish I had a pet budgie

Some animals like to see them such as doves, budgies, and penguins, and some animals don't like to see them like millipedes, beetle, and spider.
also, I hate the frog's voice, it makes me very nervous.

Yes, I do some of them in this list. If I had an option, I would like to have a budgie. Cause I love birds.

yes, i can see all of them. but i don't wanna having one of them to be a pet.

No, I don't like to have any animal as a pet, we used to have a dog at my parents' house and I think taking care of a pet is a huge responsibility. It is something you should do from the heart, with love and affection. Budgies, doves and penguins are so beautiul, and I really enjoy watching them but I hate seeing birds kept in cages..

Yes, I can see some of them everyday. Some birds they are living in the nests, and the cockroaches are live in sewers, and the fleas are living in the air, whereas the crabs, penguins, frogs are living nearby the water, and which are living on the roof and wall that are the spiders.
I can take the budgie as a pet, but it lives in a cage at home, it is very nice bird and can to talk with owner fluently.

Is this all the words, or am I missing something?