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Streets and roads

Do you know what a 'kerb' is? Do these exercises and learn what it and other words related to streets and roads mean.


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Intermediate: B1


In the big cities traffic is a terrible. Many cars, many people go from somewhere to somwhere. During rush hours you can hear a lot of klaxon and probably you can feel like you will crazy yourselves. Many local manager advices us that do not drive at rush hours if we don't have emergency situation.During rush hours we can use subways, buses, trams and, trains.

Where I live there are various streets with roundabout, signposts and traffic light. Is very common to see roundabout anywhere because are more safer than traffic lights. We have a main road called M30 which cross for the centre of city.

I can see none of these around my house. :)

Don't you traffic lights in your neighborhood?
Don't you see any signpost in your town?
I thought that traffic lights are in the street in the whole world.

Thank you, dariowins.
Well, Yes, there are traffic lights in my town, but I'm not quite sure how big a neighborhood is. I thought it meant less than 2-3 books. Traffic lights are not all around in my neighborhood. :)

There are many beautiful streets in my town such as Al-Tarrar Street, Jamal Street, Airport Street,
I love beside the Fifth road
we can cross the roundabout safely and enjoy by driving on it.
it is the nicer road and safeier

In my area there are two main roads, one leads to the motorway. There are few beautiful streets near my house.

Where I live, roads are really narrow. I live in campaign so you don't have much visibility and you have to be carefull and drive slowly because you can easily cross tractor or animals. Furthermore, the roads don't always have cement so sometimes, there are hollows in them.

Recently, my city is changed completely, the roads improve and lots of bridges were built, but still have a problem with people crossing because cars are driven on speedily and there is no places for people crossing.
also in my city , there are roundabout like El Tahrier Square and it is easy to get lost because the street have poor signpost .

The road where my house is situated, is a closed road , so there are not many cars driving on, only those of my neighbours. Along the street there is the pavement where you can walk and there’s no crossing or traffic lights. Before entering the street there is a signpost on the left side of the road, indicating that there is a closed street.
It’s a very safe place therefore no police officer is needed in place.