Episode 11: I'm an architect!

Episode 11: I'm an architect!

Magda receives the result of her job interview, whilst Sarah continues to have problems with her house.

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Audio script

Magda: (talking into phone) So…ok…hmm...yeah! That’s great news!
Olivia: So? Did you get the job?
Magda: Yes!!!
All: Hooray!! Fantastic! Well done!!
Magda: But...
Harry: There’s always a ‘but’...
Magda: It’s only on a trial basis...just for a month.
Harry: Ok, that’s pretty normal actually. Most companies do that.
Olivia: But they are paying you, yes?
Magda: Oh yes, the salary isn’t bad. It’s not an internship.
Harry: I did internships for ages...had to work for a month to get experience – no pay! – and then I never got offered the real job at the end. Like now! I’m doing this work for Johnny’s company – they want me to work at weekends too – Saturdays and Sundays – with no extra money!
Olivia: That’s terrible!
Harry: I don’t know what to do...I want to say ‘no’, but I’m afraid I’ll lose the job...
Olivia: You’ll have to think carefully about it!
Magda: Or you’ll be trying to do an internship again!!! Only joking! It can be important to do an internship if you want to get experience – things to put on your CV...
Harry: Yeah, I guess you’re right, but I’m past that stage...I’ve got lots of experience now.
Magda: I’m really worried though, about my first day, really nervous. I might be terrible!
Olivia: Don’t worry Magda, you’ll be great. Show them how good you are in the first month and they’ll be offering you more money by the second month!
Magda: Let’s hope so!
Harry: What are you going to be doing exactly?
Magda: Well, it’s a lot of admin work..but I do get a chance to work with the senior partners on some designs.
Harry: Great...What is it you do again?
Olivia: Harry! How come you always forget this stuff?
Magda: Architecture! I’m an architect! I design buildings!
Harry: Oh yeah, right, of course...
Sarah: She’s a good one too, Harry – I’ve seen some of her drawings.

Harry: Oh really, Sarah!

Sarah: I keep on telling her that she should go to China – there are lots of opportunities there at the moment.
Magda: Maybe, one day. That’d be really interesting...How are you, Sarah?
Sarah: OK...
Harry: How’s the new flat?
Sarah: That’s the problem...
Olivia: Oh no! You’ve only just moved in!
Magda: I thought the flat was great...
Sarah: The flat is nice, but the problem is the landlord...
Olivia: Isn’t that Fadi’s cousin?
Sarah: Yes, exactly...but he’s really intrusive.
Magda: Intrusive?
Sarah: He comes round all the time, wants to know everything about me. I think that if I pay rent, that’s it, I shouldn’t have to tell him anything else.
Olivia: I see...that’s not on, is it? Have you mentioned it to Fadi?
Sarah: No, I don’t know how to. He was so kind helping me get the place. I don’t want to seem rude.
Olivia: Would you like me to have a word with him?
Sarah: Could you? That’d be really great. I’d really appreciate it.
Olivia: I’ll say something the next time I see him! Promise!

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Submitted by nikoslado on Sat, 16/07/2022 - 17:53


Dear Team,
could you tell me what Olivia means by saying '' I see...that’s not on, is it? ''
Does she imply there isn't any agreement on that thing or that that thing isn't right or acceptable?
Ever thankful

Hello Nikos,

That's not on means that something is not acceptable, as you say. We use it to show anything from mild disapproval to shock and outrage, depending on the context and pronunciation.



The LearnEnglish Team

Submitted by Bruno2020 on Wed, 17/06/2020 - 21:30

Thanks for the epsodes! They are great.

Submitted by jmajo on Mon, 15/07/2019 - 16:20

Thanks for the Episode!.