Episode 09: Saving the business?

Episode 09: Saving the business?

It seems that Fadi has secured the necessary investment for his business. How?

Do the Preparation task first. Then listen to the audio. Next go to each Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.


Before you listen

We suggest you do the vocabulary activity below before you listen. Then listen to the episode and do the first tasks to check your understanding. Finally, practise some vocabulary and grammar.



Harry: Hi there! Have you seen Fadi?

Olivia: ’Fraid not, not today anyway.

Johnny: Hi there! Has anyone seen Fadi today?

Magda: No! What’s all the interest in Fadi?

Harry: He owes us money!

Olivia: Oh dear ...

Magda: That sounds bad.

Olivia: Is this what happened to his great business idea?

Johnny: Yes.

All: Fadi!

Olivia: Everyone’s looking for you.

Fadi: Aren’t they always?

Magda: Not in a good way, though!

Fadi: Friends, friends ... Have no worries!

Johnny/Harry: What? What are you on about?

Fadi: I have saved the day!

Olivia: Go on ... what have you done this time?

Fadi: Secured the necessary investment to make “FindLondon” a huge success!

Harry: You have?

Johnny: And will we get our money back?

Fadi: If you want out, then you can leave.

Johnny: Hmmm ...

Fadi: But be warned ... You will be missing out on a major moneymaking opportunity.

Harry: How did you save the company?

Fadi: Erm, my uncle, actually. He’s pretty rich. And he thought “FindLondon” tourist services was a really good idea! So he’s invested lots of money ... and now we’re going to be rich too!

Johnny: OK, then. I’m still in.

Harry: Me too – executive director!

Johnny: Yeah ... well done, Fadi!

Harry: I feel like a really serious person now! A proper businessman! Even Bindyu’s family will like me!

Magda: Oh, Harry! There’s more to life than money you know!

Harry: Hey, I know that – but I don’t think Bindyu’s family do ...

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what's happened i finished this series in two days

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Thanks a lot for the episode, it was very useful and funny. This site is really good.