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Episode 08: I'll be rich In three years!

'I’ll be rich in 3 years!’ Johnny has a vision of where he will be going!

Do the Preparation task first. Then listen to the audio. Next go to each Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.


Language level

Intermediate: B1


Hello mirjanas,

It means 'Where are you going so quickly?'  The phrase 'be off to' is an informal way to say 'leave' or 'go'.  It's often used when someone has to leave, when they might say 'OK, I have to be off now'.

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The LearnEnglish Team

The sentence " I'm about to finish my degree and haven't got anything lined up for the future yet"?
What means " lined up"?

Hello mirjanas,

To check vocabulary items like this you can use the Cambridge Dictionaries Online tool, which you can find on the right of the page.  Type in your item (such as 'lined up') and you will see links to definitions, examples and grammatical information of relevant entries.  It's a very useful tool.

Best wishes,



The LearnEnglish Team

the opposite of polite is not impolite?

i thought so brother, but it ended up with rude !!!

Hello Mark828,

'Impolite' is indeed the opposite (or antonym) of 'polite'.  Or rather, it is an antonym, as one word can have a number of antonyms, just as it can have a number of synonyms.  'Impolite' does not appear in the text and so cannot be the right answer; 'rude', on the other hand, does appear in the text and is another antonym for 'polite'.

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The LearnEnglish Team

I am really enjoying .have you audio of Tiger's eye

A question

I don't understand why is "advice" not countable,Does that mean we can't say advices
the sane for "work" Does that mean we can't say "works"
please tell me why??

Hello hayaalqasem,

Yes, that's correct: "advices" is not correct in standard English. "works" is possible when "work" is used in the sense of a creation (see the dictionary), but when it refers to different jobs, "works" is incorrect.

Like you, many learners find this aspect of English a bit strange, but that's the way that English has evolved. There may be some reason for this, but I'm not aware of it - I would suggest that you just accept this as something odd.

Best wishes,

The LearnEnglish Team

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