Episode 01

Welcome to LearnEnglish podcasts! In this episode the presenters, Tess and Ravi, introduce themselves, and their guests talk about Angelina Jolie, New York City and celebrities who work for charity. You can also meet Carolina, a Venezuelan student who’s coming to live in the UK. Will she arrive safely?

Listen to the podcast then do the first exercise to check your understanding. If you have more time choose some of the language practice exercises.


Section 1 - “Susan, this is Paul” – introducing your friends

Ravi: Hello, and welcome to LearnEnglish elementary podcast number one. My name’s Ravi…

Tess: … and I’m Tess. We’re your presenters and we’ve got lots of things for you to listen to today, but before we start, I think we should introduce ourselves. Ravi?

Ravi: OK … erm … I’m Ravi.

Tess: Or, I tell you what, I’ll introduce you and you can introduce me. How about that?

Ravi: Well, OK then. Erm, this is Tess. She’s from London. She’s … how old are you?

Tess: None of your business, Ravi!

Ravi: And she loves dancing and riding her mountain bike. OK?

Tess: OK. And this is Ravi. He comes from Manchester. He’s 23. Oh … aren’t you?

Ravi: Oh yes.

Tess: He likes football, and … he’s a great cook.

Ravi: Thanks! And there’s one more person for you to meet. I’d like to introduce our producer, Gordon. Say hello to everyone Gordon!

Gordon: Hello! Pleased to meet you!

Ravi and Tess: Hi Gordon

Tess: And how are you today?

Gordon: Very well thank you Tess.

Section 2: I’d like to meet

Tess: Good! We’ll speak to Gordon again later in the show but now it’s time to get on with our programme. We’ve got an excellent show for you today, and let’s start with our first section, called ‘I’d like to meet’. We ask people a simple question – which famous person, dead or alive would you like to meet? And of course, we ask them to explain why. Our guest today on ‘I’d like to meet’ is Zara Heller from Bristol. Hello Zara and welcome to the show.

Zara: Hello.

Ravi: Hi Zara.

Tess: And what do you do Zara?

Zara: I’m a student, I’m in my last year at school, I’m 16.

Tess: Right. Now let’s ask the question. So Zara, which famous person, dead or alive would you like to meet?

Zara: I’d like to meet Angelina Jolie.

Ravi: Angelina Jolie. Great - good choice! Tell us a bit about her.

Zara: She’s an American film actress, she was in ‘Tomb Raider’, and she’s an ambassador for the United Nations too.

Tess: And why did you choose her to talk about today?

Zara: Well, because I really admire her. She’s a famous film star with a lot of money and a famous celebrity film star husband, but she really cares about helping people and she uses her money and her fame to help children and people who are very poor or have a difficult life. I saw a film about her on MTV the music channel – it was a video diary of her visiting Africa and talking about how to stop poverty, and they were really simple things, and I thought it was really cool because MTV doesn’t usually show programmes like that, it’s usually just music videos and things, but because she’s famous and beautiful then people want to see her so she can get a lot of attention for the things that she wants to change.

Tess: Do you like her films? Do you think she’s a good actress?

Zara: Yes I do. I don’t think she’s a great actress, but she’s a good actress, and she’s so beautiful that you just want to look at her all the time.

Ravi: Yeah.

Zara: I think she’s one of the most beautiful women in the world. I love watching her, I love all her films.

Ravi: And what would you like to talk to her about Zara?

Zara: I’d like to talk about her trips to different places all around the world, and about Hollywood, and her family and about what people like me can do to help poor children.

Tess: Well thank you very much Zara. That was really interesting. Personally, I’d like to talk to her about her husband, Brad Pitt. I think he’s gorgeous.

Ravi: OK Tess, calm down. Erm, for all of you listening, we’d like to hear from you. Which famous person, dead or alive, would you like to meet? And why? Email us at learnenglishpodcast@britishcouncil.org, that’s learnenglishpodcast - all one word – AT - britishcouncil – all one word DOT org, that’s o-r-g. Let us know which famous person you would like to meet and why. 

Section 3: Quiz

Tess: OK. Now it’s quiz time. Every week we’ll have a little quiz to get you thinking. This week it’s the ten second quiz. It’s very easy. We give you a topic and you give as many answers as you can - in 10 seconds. Our two players today are Daniel – Daniel’s 16 and comes from London. Hello Daniel.

Daniel: Hi

Tess: And Alice – Alice is also 16 and she comes from Liverpool. Hi Alice.

Alice: Hello

Tess: Do you both know what to do? OK. We give you a topic, and you have to write down all the words you can think of. For example, we say ‘bathroom’, and you write a list, bath, soap, shampoo, and so on. As quick as you can. Got the idea?

Alice: Yeah

Tess: Good. Okay. Let’s play. You’ve got ten seconds to write down … things you can find in a kitchen. OK? So, for example you could say ‘microwave oven’. OK? Things you can find in a kitchen. Go! (sound of clock ticking) OK, Daniel. How many?

Daniel: Erm, five, Tess.

Tess: How about you, Alice?

Alice: Erm, seven, I think.

Tess: OK, let’s hear your seven words, Alice. Things you find in a kitchen.

Alice: Erm, fridge. Cooker. Pans. Plates. Knife, fork, spoon.

Tess: That’s seven. Well done, Alice. How many did you get, Ravi?

Ravi: Oh, the clock makes me nervous – I can’t think when the clock’s ticking like that. Maybe the question next week will be about football.

Tess: Thanks Daniel, thanks Alice. And if any of you listening have a good game we can play in quiz time, write to us and let us know. The address is learnenglishpodcast@britishcouncil.org. We’d love to hear your ideas for games we can play. What’s next, Ravi?

Section 4: Our person in...

Ravi: The next part of the show is called ‘Our person in’. We’ll listen to people in interesting places all over the world telling us something about life in the country they’re in. Today, we’ll hear from Mike Southern. Mike is … Our man in New York.

Mike: New York. What do you think of? Skyscrapers. Taxis. Noise. People. John Lennon said that New York is the capital city of the world – and it certainly feels that way.

But in the centre of this exciting, noisy, polluted city there is a place to find peace and quiet. A short walk from busy Fifth Avenue in Manhattan you’ll find Central Park. Central Park is the green heart of New York City and over 25 million people come here each year to escape the city. People run, swim, climb or simply sit and read a book in the huge park’s different scenery. And it’s not just for people. Lots of rare birds have made their home in the park and there are legends of big cats hiding in the dark trees.

Although it looks completely natural, the park is man made, created over 150 years ago. Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux designed the park at a time when the city was a very crowded, dirty and unhealthy place to live. They wanted to make a place where rich and poor people could find fresh air in the dirty city.

It does the same job today. As a friend of mine always tells me, “Life in New York would be impossible without Central Park”

Tess: Wow! Really interesting. We’ll hear from another one of our people next time. Or if you’d like to write in and tell us something interesting about your city or town, we’d love to hear from you. You can send it to us at learnenglishpodcast@britishcouncil.org

Section 5: Your turn

Tess: Now we’re going out into the street to listen to ‘Your Turn’

Ravi: In this part of the show, we go out into the street to find out what people think about our question of the day. And today we’re going to ask a question about celebrities - like film stars, actors, singers – who promote charities and ask people to give them money or aid. At the beginning of the show, we listened to Zara from Bristol talking about Angelina Jolie. Zara talked about Angelina Jolie’s work for charity. And nowadays, lots of famous people – celebrities - do the same. But is it a good idea? So today’s question is … ‘Is it a good idea for celebrities to do work for charity?’

Tess: Hmm. ‘Is it a good idea for celebrities to do work for charity?’ Interesting question. Let’s listen to the answers.

Voice 1: I think it’s a good thing. People don’t want to listen to boring politicians but everyone likes celebrities so they listen to what they have to say. When Bob Geldof and Bono organised Live8 a few years ago, everybody was talking about how to end poverty in Africa. My little brother was only twelve years old, but he was talking about it. That can’t be bad.

Voice 2: I hate it. The celebrities only want publicity, and they want us to think that they’re really nice people, you know, they care about the world, they care about poverty, so they can sell more records. But it’s a big lie. They’re not interested in poor people or the charities at all.

Voice 3: Why is it a problem? The charities need money, and if celebrities can help them to get more, then what’s wrong with that? I think that some celebrities only want publicity, but, well, who cares! The charities get some money, that’s the really important thing.

Voice 4: If you think for example, Angelina Jolie or George Clooney is really cool, then you want to do the same things that they do. So you might give to charity too because you want to copy your favourite star. I think it’s a good thing. Helping people is cool nowadays.

Voice 5: I think the celebrities do it because they copy other celebrities. Everyone’s doing it nowadays – it’s the fashion to do work for charity. I hate it. These film stars make millions of dollars for a film and live in houses that cost millions of dollars, and travel in private planes and stay in expensive hotels. And then they go and visit some ‘poor people’. It’s ridiculous.

Ravi: OK, some interesting answers there.

Tess: Hmm. Do you have an opinion about this question? We’d love to know what you think. ‘Is it a good idea for celebrities to do work for charity?’ Or do you have an idea for a question that we could ask on Your Turn? Send us an email at learnenglishpodcast@britishcouncil.org - and we can take your question into the street.

Section 6: Carolina

Ravi: OK. Now – it’s time to meet Carolina. Carolina is from Venezuela and she’s visiting Britain for the first time. It’s a big adventure for her – she’s going to live, study and she hopes, have a good time here in the UK – and we’re going with her!

Tess: Carolina’s going to study in Newcastle in the north-east of England. She speaks very good English but this is her first visit to Britain, so some things are very strange for her. We’re going to follow Carolina in our podcasts and listen to some of the conversations that she has in lots of different situations. Today we’re going to hear what happened when she first arrived in Britain from Venezuela. Here’s Carolina at Heathrow airport in London. Let’s listen to her conversation at Immigration Control.

Carolina: Excuse me. Am I in the right line for immigration?

Woman: Erm, I don’t know dear. It depends. What nationality are you?

Carolina: Venezuelan.

Woman: No, no, this queue’s for British and European Union members. You need to go … over there – where it says ‘Other passport holders’. Can you see?

Carolina: Oh, yes, OK, thank you.

Immigration Officer: Good evening.

Carolina: Good evening.

Immigration Officer: Where have you travelled from today?

Carolina: From Venezuela, from Caracas.

Immigration Officer: Can I see your passport please? … Thank you. Is this your first visit to the UK?

Carolina: Yes it is.

Immigration Officer: And what are you going to do here?

Carolina: I’m a student. I’m going to study at the University of Newcastle.

Immigration Officer: Is it a full-time course or a part-time course?

Carolina: Erm, full-time, it’s a full-time course.

Immigration Officer: Hmm.

Carolina: I’ve got my letter from the university here. Do you want to see it?

Immigration Officer: Yes please.

Carolina: Here you are.

Immigration Officer: Thank you. And how long is the course? How long do you intend to stay in the country?

Carolina: Three years.

Immigration Officer: Three years. Hmm.

Carolina: Yes, that’s right.

Immigration Officer: Do you intend to work in this country?

Carolina: Oh, no, no, I’m not going to work, well maybe in the university holidays, but the British Embassy in Caracas said that was OK.

Immigration Officer: Yes, that’s correct. Students can work in the holidays.

Carolina: Is everything OK?

Immigration Officer: Yes, everything seems to be in order. I just need to stamp your passport with today’s date. Here you are. Passport and letter.

Carolina: Thank you.

Immigration Officer: I hope you enjoy your stay. Newcastle’s a very nice place. Go down the stairs and turn left to collect your baggage.

Carolina: Thank you very much.

Immigration Officer: Good evening sir. And where have you travelled …….

Tess: Hmm. Carolina did really well there. Airports can be so difficult.

Ravi: I think she did really well, too. I hope she can come and join us in the studio soon. I’d like to meet her.

Section 7 - The joke

Ravi: Well, that’s almost the end …

Tess: Wait a minute Ravi. Don’t forget Gordon.

Ravi: Gordon? What do you mean?

Tess: He wants to tell a joke.

Ravi: Oh no

Tess: Don’t be horrible. Gordon! Joke time! Come on Gordon! Are you ready?

Gordon: Yes, I’m here.

Ravi: I hope this is good Gordon.

Gordon: How long have I got?

Ravi: One minute – at the most.

Gordon: OK then. Erm, right. A chicken walks into a library…

Ravi: A chicken?

Gordon: Yeah. A chicken walks into a library, walks up to the counter and says to the librarian “Book, book”. The librarian gives the chicken two books – she puts the books on the chicken’s head – and the chicken walks out of the library.

One hour later, the chicken walks back into the library. It walks up to the counter and says to the librarian “Book, book”. The librarian gives the chicken two books and the chicken walks out of the library.

An hour later, this happens again. “Book, book”, and the chicken walks out of the library with two books on its head. But this time the librarian thinks, “Hmm, this is strange” so she decides to follow the chicken. She goes out of the library and follows the chicken. The chicken crosses the road, walks along the street, turns the corner, until it comes to the lake. Sitting by the lake is a big, fat frog. The chicken gives the books to the frog and the frog looks at them and says “Read it, Read it”.

Tess: Oh Gordon, that’s terrible.

Ravi: And that’s the end of this part of the show. We have to go now but don’t go away. After this little break you’re going to hear Tom, our English teacher. After every show, Tom talks about the language you heard and gives you ideas to help you learn. So, don’t go away, but we’ll say goodbye now. See you next time.

Tess: Bye! Don’t forget to send us your emails! Here’s that address one more time. It’s learnenglishpodcast2britishcouncil.org.

Tom the teacher

Tom: Hi, I’m Tom. At the end of every podcast you’ll hear from me. I’m going to talk about some of the language you heard in the programmes and talk about ways to help you learn English. Remember Carolina in the airport? Listen to part of her conversation again.

Immigration Officer: Is this your first visit to the UK?

Carolina: Yes it is.

Immigration Officer: And what are you going to do here?

Carolina: I’m a student. I’m going to study at the University of Newcastle.

Tom: Carolina and the Immigration Officer are talking about the future – Carolina’s time in Britain. To talk about the future they both use ‘going to’. The Immigration Officer says “And what are you going to do here?” and Carolina says “I’m going to study at the University of Newcastle”. They both used ‘going to’ to talk about the future because they are talking about plans. When the Immigration Officer says “What are you going to do here?” he’s asking Carolina what her plan is. And she says “I’m going to study” because that’s her plan – she decided it before she left Venezuela.

So, we use ‘going to’ to talk about future plans. But listen to another part of Carolina’s conversation.

Immigration Officer: Thank you. And how long is the course? How long do you intend to stay in the country?

Carolina: Three years.

Immigration Officer: Three years. Hmm.

Carolina: Yes, that’s right.

Immigration Officer: Do you intend to work in this country?

Carolina: Oh no, no, I’m not going to work, well maybe in the university holidays, but the British Embassy in Caracas said that was OK. 

Tom: The Immigration Officer said “How long do you intend to stay in the country?” and “Do you intend to work in this country?” Again he was asking about Carolina’s future plans – but he said “Do you intend”. “Intend” is a formal way to talk or ask about plans. You might hear this verb, “intend”, at an airport immigration desk or on an immigration form. It’s another way to ask about your plans. One more thing. Did you notice that when Carolina arrived at the desk the Immigration Officer said “Good evening”? He didn’t say “Goodnight”. Do you know why not? We only say “goodnight” when we say goodbye or when we go to bed. When we meet someone after around 5 o’clock in the afternoon we say “Good evening” and we only say “goodnight” to people before we go home or before we go to bed.

OK. In another part of the show we heard Daniel and Alice playing a game. Listen to part of it again.

Tess: You’ve got ten seconds to write down things you can find in a kitchen. … OK, Daniel how many?

Daniel: Erm, five, Tess.

Tess: How about you, Alice?

Alice: Erm, seven, I think.

Tess: OK, let’s hear your seven words, Alice. Things you find in a kitchen.

Alice: Erm fridge. Cooker. Pans. Plates. Knife, fork, spoon.

Tom: I hope all of you have a notebook where you keep new words – a vocabulary notebook. Think about how you put new words into your notebook. Do you put them in alphabetically? All the words beginning with ‘A’, then all the words beginning with ‘B’? Or do you organise your new words another way? Some people put words into their notebooks in word families. They put words together that are connected in some way. For example, you could have a page in your vocabulary notebook called ‘kitchen’ and you could keep all the words from the game – fridge, cooker, pan – all of those words – on the ‘kitchen’ page of your notebook. You could have pages for, say, sports –‘football’, ‘tennis’ ‘bowling’ and so on. And you can write more than just the words – you can write the verbs that go with the words – ‘play’ football but ‘go’ bowling or ‘go’ skiing. There’s no right way or wrong way to keep your new vocabulary. You have to find the way that helps you remember the new words.

OK. Oh, erm, by the way, if there are any words from the game that you don’t know remember that you can find them on the website. You can read all of the podcast and if you click on a word it’ll take you to a dictionary that tells you what the word means. We’ll give you that address again at the end – so go and find a pen to write it down!

Right, finally, after every podcast I’ll try to show you something that you can try to use in your own English. This week I heard this interesting expression:

Carolina: Excuse me. Am I in the right line for immigration?

Woman: Erm, I don’t know dear. It depends. What nationality are you?

Tom: Now. There are two things there I want to talk about. Firstly, the old lady called Carolina “dear” – she said “I don’t know dear”. Sometimes, older people might call you “dear”. It’s a friendly, affectionate thing to do. But be careful! It might sound a bit strange if you try to use it yourself.

The other thing I noticed was that the old lady said “It depends”. She didn’t know the answer because she needed more information. Can you translate “it depends” into your language? Try to use it in English this week.

OK. I’m going to stop there. I’ll talk to you all again next time. Remember you can send your questions to me at learnenglishpodcast@britishcouncil.org. I’ll be happy to answer your questions! In a moment you’ll hear the address for the website where you can read everything you’ve heard in this podcast.

Right. That’s all for this time. Bye for now! See you next time.

Check your understanding


Tess and Ravi

Practise the language you heard in Tess and Ravi’s introduction [00:23].

Task 1



Practise the language you heard in the soap opera about Carolina [11:55].

Task 1


Task 2


Tom the teacher

Practise the language you heard in Tom the teacher’s summary [17:12].

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Submitted by hnn1990 on Fri, 19/10/2018 - 20:34

Hi how can I download the podcasts?

Submitted by ninahatt on Thu, 18/10/2018 - 01:13

I think helping others is the most important thing so even if some people take it for granted, they’re still helping, so for me it’s what counts.

Submitted by Fereshte on Sat, 13/10/2018 - 15:36

In my opinion helping charities by celebrities is a good idea because despite of helping them , the other people and fans that fallow their lifestyle encourage to support the poor people and charities.

Submitted by natou12 on Sun, 26/08/2018 - 21:04

I live since a few months in Wiesbaden, a beautiful city in Germany. I came from Cameroon to study International Management at the Wiesbaden Business School. The course last 4 years inclusive a semester abroad and a six-months-internship abroad too. I find the courses very interesting and the teaching methods are quite the opposite of to those in my homeland ( Cameroon). I also intend to go back to my country after I've finished with studies. I am so excited, this is the adventure of my LIVE .

Submitted by natou12 on Sun, 26/08/2018 - 20:53

It is true that celebrities use those charities to increase their popularity and to be much loved. But that's not what matters. The most important is that those "poor people" receive much help and money for their survival. In addition to that, all the media publicity that this celebrities charities create help to draw the attention of the society to the drama people live everyday in our world.

Submitted by MohitSinghTiwana on Fri, 24/08/2018 - 07:18

I think celebrities do charity for their fake popularity and publicity. They dont have any felling for poor peoples. I hate that. I think that charity is a hidden art, you dont need to showoff that.

Submitted by gvignoli on Tue, 21/08/2018 - 18:16

Celebrities doing charity work has been a common practice for years, and regardless of what some people may think about it, I believe it's not all about publicity. It helps their image? Yes, it does. But maybe people forget that celebrities are also humans, they have things to deal with, such as family, work, stres, etc (you name it), and they still make room on their bussy schedules to go to a foreign country and help villages to get clean water, and build houses, take by way of example Angelina Jolie, who was mentioned in this podcast. The fact that they are international celebrities, widely know all over the world, opens a huge window for the rest of the world to see how much humbleness and dedication takes to help others improve their ways of life. Therefore, this thought comes to my mind like winter comes to Westeros: What stops me from joining a charity fundraising or group? If celebrities shape their schedules enough to have the time to go out and help the less fortunate people, why can't we?. Anyhow, I don't want to make this long, I'm just practicing my writing. I hope everyone is having a great day, and learning lots of English!

Submitted by lauragomezluc on Fri, 17/08/2018 - 16:13

I think it is a good idea for celebrities to do work for charity because many people follow all things they do and try to do them too if it is possible. It is clear that things that celebrities do are a form of advertising but this is like that because they are celebrities. If anyone does work for charity nobody knows it, so nobody will do it. The most importante thing is to help poor people and, for do that, it is necessary to give visibility to the problem. Celebrities do that, so it is good that they work for charity.

Submitted by Irina07 on Sun, 05/08/2018 - 05:34

In my opinion it s very kind to help poor people and we can help them every day even if is just with small things. I think for celebrities to help charity is althought for publicity in many times.... But it does'n matter. All that matters is that these poor people are helped. It s important for us to know that exist too many ways to help another poor people even if it s a small or a big help.

Submitted by jeanvaljean21 on Sun, 29/07/2018 - 05:59

Majority of people remembers poor people only when they see them on the TV, so i think it's a good idea. May be some celebrities uses this for their publicity, but the end of the day this charities will help poor people, i think there is a win-win situation. Of course it's arguable it's ethical or it's not, but i am a pragmatic person, so we can argue this after we handle that starvation. :)

Submitted by Elena06021967 on Mon, 09/07/2018 - 09:48

I think charity is one of the important part of our life. There are always many poor people all over the world. Not all of them are lazy. Many of that people can't be rich because of their brinning up. Some of them live in poor countries... And I consider that celebrities don't boast of themseles when they help other people... It will be far worse if the rich people wouldn't do it.
How do you think is Africa poor or reach country? This country has huge diamond reserves. How do you think Why people this country live so poor? If you care it...

Submitted by Maycon Paranhos on Sun, 01/07/2018 - 00:36

I want you to know the centre of São Paulo, it is in Brazil. It has a lot of buildings, shops and is a tourist place. There is also a square called "sé", it is where the metropolitan cathedral of São Paulo is. You can also try the subway, or metro if you prefer, but please, if you want to try the metro, don't do it in the rush time, go early in the morning instead. Don't forget to bring a câmera to take some fotos.

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I am teacher and coming back in my study of english. I think that is not most very important that study. that is case because it open the door of the world and knowledge. The people in Brazil that i like know is call Neymar. he is a excelent football player. In the england the land of the queen I will like know the pop star sir Elton John because he is a very handsome. incredible and most famous. One day I will realize my dream. By Team.

Submitted by m7am_medo on Thu, 28/06/2018 - 17:53

What nationality are you? = What is your nationality? . Right ?

Submitted by m7am_medo on Wed, 27/06/2018 - 22:07

(Sitting by the lake is a big fat frog ) . How is that sentence structured?Why?

Hello m7am_medo,

The sentence is quite normal in structure but has an unusual word order. There is a subject (a big fat frog), a verb (is sitting) and an adverbial prepositional phrase (by the lake).

The normal word order is as follows: A big fat frog is sitting by the lake.



The LearnEnglish Team

Submitted by Paulo Henrique… on Mon, 25/06/2018 - 01:40

I'd like to meet Angelina Jolie too.
Hello Paulo. I see you very like Angelina Jolie. What would you like to say her when you meeting ??

Submitted by Katia Oku on Mon, 18/06/2018 - 17:26

Hi, Tom. How are you doing? Tom, I've a doubt about the phrase below...when Tess said: You hav got ten seconds... "Tess: Good. Okay. Let’s play. You’ve got ten seconds to write down". I'm confuse about the use of verb "get" in the past being that she is talking in the present, in my opinion...okay? Why she used the verb in the past instead in the present, it would be because she used: "have", that is, she used present perfect? But I learned that present perfect can indicates the past... In another words, I would use in this case only: You have ten seconds. I didn't understand why she used "got" (past) instead "get" (present). Can you help to understand it, please.... Best regards. Katia Oku

Hi Katia Oku,

'You have ten seconds' is also correct and means the same thing as 'You have got ten seconds'. We often use 'have got' instead of 'have'. You can learn more about this form on this LearnEnglish Teens page and this Cambridge Dictionary page. If you have any other questions about it, please don't hesitate to ask us.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Submitted by mitykg on Tue, 05/06/2018 - 05:17

‘Is it a good idea for celebrities to do work for charity?’ It's a good idea for everyone to do work for charity. But let's wonder why we want to work for charity, what do we want come from working for charity. There are lot of reasons for answnering and they're like good. People think that celebrites do not true work for charity. It is not honest for they want publicity and fashion but they mean it is a work for charity. It's a big lie. Although the celebrites can get more money for charity but what do you think the money come from without honest. Poeople do not support for work without honest and of course the charity is not honest for true work for charity.

Submitted by sesoo.ab on Mon, 04/06/2018 - 17:05

I would like to meet Ibrahem Abbas , he is saudi author . I knew him from his first novel "hawjan" . I really loved it , it took about the the gobin who loved the human girls . I want to meet to ask him about many things ,like how did know and collect the information about the other world .

Submitted by bjnguyen1207 on Mon, 28/05/2018 - 07:49

The person that I would like to meet is Adam Khoo. He is a millionaire and an good educator. I knew him from his own book named "I am gift, so are you". I love the way he changed his life upside down thanks to some method of learning. I had read that brillian book, tried all the way to learn and as a result, my study became better and better. If I have any chance, I would like to meet him and ask him many thing else about how he can be successful like he is now.

Submitted by carlotablanco on Tue, 22/05/2018 - 18:22

I would like to meet Amancio Ortega. He’s an important business man from Spain. He`s famous for being the man who built the empire of Inditex. I like him because he has started from the base. Initially he was a sewer, so he knows how the business works. I would like to talk to him about how someone can start in the business world and his recommendations.

Submitted by carlotablanco on Tue, 22/05/2018 - 18:21

Retiro is the main park of Madrid. It is situated in the center of the city and it was built in the first middle of XVII century as the Palace’s garden. Nowadays, it’s a park where people go to do exercice like running, skating or walking; or simply to have a picnic or café. I like this park because it is a place where you can be and you don’t think you are in the center of a big city. It’s the perfect place to relax or to do exercice.

Submitted by biston on Sun, 20/05/2018 - 14:33

i'd like to meet shahab hoseini. he is a famous actor from iran who is reputed in the word by his film. he is Winner Silver Bear for Best Actor in separation movie and Winner Best Actor Award at Cannes Film Festival for salesman movie. he was born in Tehran but he is originally from Tonokabon. he is 44 years old. he don't make show of that it's his best properties. he is not snobby person and for this reason, he is very popular in iran.

Submitted by Elisabele on Wed, 16/05/2018 - 18:25

I'd like to meet Paulo Coelho. He's a writer Brazilian very famous around the world. Your true history in Brazil is sad, he was in an prision when the Brazil was in the dictatorship policties. Now he lives in Switzerland with your wife. Paulo Coelho will release your new book wich describing the time that arrested. When I was 16th, i was reading a lot of books the Paulo Coelho.

Submitted by luis avellar on Sun, 13/05/2018 - 16:36

Jumping at worlds, next to the time. Hello, I’ m Luís Avellar, my city is Brasília, in Brazil. I’ll write this topic and introduce me gratefull with to the LearningEnglish Team, does the courses greatness. Perhaps, lost in the space, I’m find Penny Robinson, in the 70’s years ago.

Submitted by Johnminh on Wed, 02/05/2018 - 14:23

The Man, Who I Admire is Stephen Hawking, a famous physical science of the world. Previously I only know his name in books when I studied at school until I saw a film about his life. I actually knew more clearly about him. A man with strong energy, intelligent, and with me, he was an attractive man. I almost am attracted by that film. I like him, admire him. I admire his wife's love too. She was a good woman, have a great love for her husband. Last two months, I felt saddened to hear he died. Our world was lost a great man in research science and in life.

Submitted by mitykg on Fri, 27/04/2018 - 08:41

In the transcript, "Although it looks completely natural, the park is man made, created over 150 years ago." I see a bit strange in the structure "the park is man made..". why we can say, "the park is man", what it means ? "the park" is subject, "is" is verb, "man" is object, is it right? I think the sentence has to write " the park is made by man.."

Hi mitykg,

'man made' was a spelling error -- the correct word is 'man-made' (artificial, not natural). I've fixed this now, thanks to you. I'm sorry that it confused you!

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Submitted by 41616752831 on Thu, 26/04/2018 - 01:49

I'd like to meet kirk franklin, he is a great gospel singer.

Submitted by fernanda sousa on Wed, 25/04/2018 - 11:01

Support for charity is more linked to the character and personality of the person than to their social status, but this can greatly benefit artists to promote themselves.

Submitted by fernanda sousa on Wed, 25/04/2018 - 10:47

I my city there is a high point, the belvedere, where you can see the whole city and listen to good music alongside that wantes good

Submitted by fernanda sousa on Fri, 20/04/2018 - 10:56

I would like to know Egypt, the history of the pyramids fascinates me

Submitted by Farvien on Wed, 11/04/2018 - 15:03

I really liked Michael Jackson.he was great famous singer.

Submitted by Tuanny on Mon, 02/04/2018 - 14:37

I'd like to meet Henry Cavill, he is a british actor. The first time that I saw him in a movie was in The Count of Monte Cristo, since then I love to see that pretty and sexy smile. Except the cgi smile, it would be better to leave the Kingstache. hahaha

Submitted by Lena8808 on Sun, 25/03/2018 - 15:35

I'd like to meet Alicja Bachleda Curuś. She is polish actress. Alicja played in many polish films and serials for example: "Pan Tadeusz", "Pitbull", "Na dobre i złe" and in international productions, for example "Ondine" with Colin Farrell. After this film she was in relationship with him. Now they aren't together but she is mother of his son. I like her because she is very bold and ambitious. She moved to USA for study and work when shw was 18. She born in rich family but she decided to lives alone in another country without money and fame her family. She is really famous in Poland but she always is very modest. She really don't care about "red carpet". Alicja is also beautiful woman, natural and amazing woman. I'd like to ask her why she leaved Poland and from where she find energy for life?

Submitted by Van Hua on Sun, 25/03/2018 - 12:20

I would like to meet Bill Gates. I admire him not only he is the founder of Microsoft, but also his charity. He does not donate his money to the poor person as same as the others. He's created his own Fund and he's made a strategy plans to improve the life quality to use his money more effectively. For example, his group is finding the way to recycle the wastewater into pure water for African. I think the way he is doing currently inspires a lot of people in the world

Submitted by shahinfa on Fri, 23/03/2018 - 15:10

well,I'd like to meet michael mattewes, the most successful person I know in fitness industry. He first became famous among fitness folks when he published his comprehensible book: the bigger leaner stronger.

Submitted by Hihipnk on Fri, 16/03/2018 - 02:57

I would like to meet Milla Jovovich.She is an Ukrainian actress. She lived in Kiev. Shw was in "Resident Evil". "Resident Evil" is my favourite film. She is also a singer-songwriter. She's a good actress and she's so cool that you just want to look at her all the time. She fought with many zombies and saved the world. I think she's one of the beautiful women in the world. I love watching her. I love her figting scene. I'd like to talk about Hollywood and her family, and about what she have learning in the film. Personally, I 'd like to talk to her about her daugther. I think they'are beautiful like their mother.

Submitted by Tony son of Gondor on Thu, 15/03/2018 - 08:08

I think that some celebrities donate to charity because, they are really good, they just want to help others, but on the other side, I think that there are some celebrities that do the same because they just want to look good.

Submitted by Tony son of Gondor on Thu, 15/03/2018 - 08:02

I really like going to "centro de Coyoacán" (Coyoacan centre). Many different people go to this place, you can find, children, teenagers, adults and even old people in there. I think people, go to Coyoacan centre, because the environment is so relaxing, moreover, usually there are a lot of cultural and artistic activities in there (like concerts for instance). I don't know how old is this place, but must have hundreads of years' history, when Mexico was a Spain colony. I like this place, because is so relaxing, there is a lot of food, (many restaurants around, and a lot of snacks vendors, I love a snack called "Churro", is delicious!! Even I like the people that is in there, I mean they are very nice, is kind of a familiar environment, even romantic for couples too.

Submitted by Tony son of Gondor on Thu, 15/03/2018 - 07:38

If I could meet an actress, I would like to meet Helena Bonham Carter, I'm not sure if she's english or american. Talking about her most famous films, I think that the Harry Potter movies are her most famous films, because there are a lot of people all over the world that love these films. But, besides I like Harry Potter (no more than The Lord of the Rings by the way), my favourite films where she acts are "Fight Club", "Dark Shadows" and "Les Miserables". I don't really if she's famous for other things than acting. I like her because I think she's a very good actress, she can performance very opposite characters, I think she's a versatile actress, she's "chameleonic", and that's why I admire her, because of her talent. I would talk to her about her movies, I would ask her what has been her favourite character or the most difficult, and I would ask her which kind of characters does she like to play.