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Episode 08

In this episode Ravi asks Tess a favour, and their guests talk about British broadcaster and naturalist David Attenborough and Christmas in Prague. You can follow Carolina as she visits a pub with some friends. What will she think about British pubs?

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Tess and Ravi

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Tom the teacher

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Hi there!

I think free TV channels do not offer interesting programmes here in Italy. Their target are "desperate housewives" and "old people". So they broadcast quiz shows, boring soap operas that never ends, stupid reality shows (like big brother) which make me feel ashamed of being Italian and talk shows about gossip and murders. Information here is not very free, especially on TV, and because of that, the news are of low quality. The films are always the same, since I was a child. Sometimes there are some interesting documentaries, but that is all. If you want to see somenthing more interesting, you have to subscribe to pay TV. That's why I prefer to switch of the telly and use my computer to get informations and to watch something more interesting on the internet.

I hate sensationalist and gossip programmes. Unfortunately Brazil is full of them. Sometimes I watch BBC radio and some news programmes on brazilian TV, like 'Jornal da Cultura', and 'Roda Viva'.

I'd like to meet Jeremy Clarkson. He's from London as far as I know. He was a front man of Top Geat TV show. I used to watch the show when I was younger. In this show Jeremy Clarkson told about different cars, no matter, sport or casual ones, expensive or cheap ones. But what was special in that show is he traveled to many countries and told not only about cars but also about people, their customs and other things, it was like a reporting. For me it always has been interesting to know about attention of people from other countries to cars and driving. He had always led his shows with a bit of jokes that made me laugh and didn't let me feel bored.
Jeremy Clarkson is a very popular person here in Russia. People knows about him both from TV and his books. So do I. I like him for his sharp-mind, interesting ideas for shows and of course for his own special humor.

What about a special dish? Here in Russia when we have our New Year anniversary we're cooking Dressed herring. It contains five layers with mayonnaise between them.. The first is herring with onion, the second is potato, the third is carrot, the fourth is beet and the second is eggs. Before we cook we boil all ingredients. As for me I find it tasty but you can feel bad your stomach if you eat it too much.

Hello everybody! My name is Sergey and I'm from Russia. What do I like to watch on TV? Well, when I was a bit younger and live in my parent's home and also went to school I used to watch different BBC or Discovery films. I really liked them. Also there were some adventures films, musical channels and some shows like Top Gear for instance. I've never liked political or economic channels because I found them to be too boring for me. I forgot to tell that there wasn't any internet then. As a rule it made you too limited about what you want to watch. When internet was done it made me free. Nowadays I don't use TV Set at all, only an internet. For example, in YouTube there is a lot of interesting stuff to watch, just choose everything you want.
ps. I was listening name of David Attenborough many times when I was watching BBC channel. Big thanks to him for such interesting documentaries.

I used to watch TV when I was a teenager. It was a time when the internet wasn’t as widespread as it is now, at least in my country. I think that you have much more freedom and interaction when you’re looking for the information you need using the internet. Unfortunately, the amount of advertisements on the Web is increasing nowadays and this fact bothers me a little. I would use a TV-set only as a device for watching films, videos and photos. I don’t think that TV is all garbage because there are some educational and sports channels or the ones about travelling which I like to watch occasionally. I can watch the news once in a while too. I really hate to watch stupid comedy shows with fake laughter in the background.

Christmas in Ukraine is celebrated on the 7th of January. I’m not a religious person but I like the feast because it’s the day of a special family atmosphere. On Christmas Eve we have a twelve-dish supper and it is important that everyone taste everything that is served. The main course, which should be started with, is called Kutia. It is a sweetened dish made from cooked wheat. The main ingredients that should be added are honey, walnuts, raisins and poppy seeds. Although, many people make it according to their own tastes. The other eleven dishes must be lean (Lenten), but again, not many people follow the regulations. As for me, the most inappropriate thing to see during Christmas is when so-called religious persons become dead drunk to celebrate the occasion… Sadly, it is a very common thing throughout my country.

Is there a TV presenter that you can write about?
I’d like to talk about a presenter of a lottery programme. I don’t really remember his name but I hate him. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I hate him as a person, because I’ve never actually met him, it’s all about his way of doing his job and his job, in particular. The reason isn’t even that I’ve never won a decent amount of money having bought the lottery ticket. Well, it may be partly the reason. I just can’t stand him announcing winners one after another with his fake smile while I cannot even cross out a proper amount of numbers to win the smallest prize. I still think it is more of an entertainment than means of profits but at some point it became quite unbearable for me so I ceased to do it.

Most important celebration in Iran is Norouz. Norouz is the first day of Spring season every year that is known with seven 'sin' table in the world. Before this day,people clean the houses and buy new clothes and little red fish.In Norouz day all of the family come to their parents and on time of beginning new year parents give to children some money as a gift. Mothers make a vegetable rice and fish but no little red fish for launch or dinner traditionally.After this day people go to the journey. Most happiness person are children for thirteen days holidays.

I'd like to meet Adel Ferdowsipoor,the producer football programs and reporter football matches in Iran. He is so clever man and he speaks English very well. He studied industrial engineering at Sharif university, one of the best university in Iran. He loves football and plays football as amateur. He knows a lot of information about teams,coaches and players in great leagues in Europe,America and Asia.So he began to report football matches on television at first. With reporting of football matches, he found a lot of fans in Iran. He tried to produce a program about our football league and he succeeded finally.He named his program as 'ninety' that means time of a football match. This program is presenting from 1997 to now on Mondays continuously that he presents himself.He follows bad and good events in football,particularly ethical and cultural issues.Newly, he has produced another football program as 'one hundred and twenty' that means time of a football match plus extra time that follows football matches in great league in Europe. He has written two books about football.