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Episode 10

This is the final episode of the first series, and to celebrate we’ve put together the best bits from Series 1. How much do you remember from the previous episodes?

Elementary Podcasts

Listen to the podcast and then do the language practice exercises.

Tess and Ravi

Practise the language you heard in Tess and Ravi’s introduction [00:20].

Task 1



Practise the language you heard in the soap opera about Carolina [14:48].

Task 1


Task 2




Language level

Intermediate: B1
Pre-intermediate: A2


I have listened all the podcast of this first Serie and they were really amazing. I learned a lot and feel I have a very strong basis to go ahead with the next Series. My favorite joke was the one about the dog who could laugh, cry and read!
Thanks one more time for all your support. 

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In the decades of 40 and 50 had a company called Atlanda, which produced thousands of films seen by millions of people ... In the 70s, without many financial resources, our film industry recorded a decay with down quality films  facing adult audience, however, currently, with incentives from the Government, with new writers, directors and a team of countless good actors, being increased again, numerous times, with great movies Oscar nominees , exported to the world and earning millions and millions of dollars.


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I want to learn to Englısh. Because it is an international language.please help me..I need a lot of help .....

I just finished the first series of this Elementary Podcasts. Now I feel very happy and motivated to go ahead.
I have had classes in British Council Porto and was the huge quality I found here that led me to do a search in this website.
Sincerely, all this is great.
Thank you very much.

hello everyone ,
I finished all the podcasts and its really nice thing because i've learned a lot of words .
thank you all very very much
love you, bye

Section 6 "Caroline". Exercise 2 - Question 2/9:
Answer incorrect: "I think I don't have". I don't understand why this answer is incorrect. I can't see the differences between the 4 answers.
It's the same with the Question 9/9. Answer incorrect: "What is the cost for the medicines?".

Hello Forcedlanding!
Both these questions are about how we usually say things in English. 'I think I don't have' sort of means the same as the other answers, but we just don't use it in English. Likewise, in Question 9, 'What is the cost for the medicines?' is understandable, but not a good answer partly because you need to say 'cost of…' and partly because most native speakers simply wouldn't use 'cost of' to ask about prices in a shop. Don't worry about it too much – if people can understand, that's good enough, and knowing what's OK and what's not is what this exercise practices!
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team

I m new member  and  i need any one tell me how can use this website to improve my language

Hello everybody
Why there is no support pack in Series 01 Episode 10?
Thank for your answer and have a good day.