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Episode 02

In this episode, Carolina returns. What happened with her and Jamie? What is new in Emily's life? Plus, Adam and Rob talk about the recipes you shared after last week's show.

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  Hi everybody I am from algeria when I see my best friend
I will steal  to kiss here and I can also shake here my both hands
The world "beauty" it seems like wold invented for here .
       See soon

I am from afghanistan and i am glad to see that other people are here to help me for learning good english thanks for British council team for this episode

 iam so glad to register on this web site 

hi every body ,i am from Algeria and we usually shake hands or kiss each other.

i  love ted & ravi and of course carolina wif her broken accent :)) ım so happy to hear you all again xxx

I'm from Iraq and we usually shake hands or we've just  kissed our  close friend.

Hi. I am from Brazil. Here we usually say hello kissing your friends in face. But it depends, if you are from Belo Horizonte, my city. In other places here, you can say hello kissing one, two or three times, switched from right and left side of the face.

hello my friends i am so glad to meet you and i have a honor to be one between this family so break the wall and let's talking but don't forget i am from algeria and

Hello. There are many different to say hello in Albania. We kiss our good friend, dosen't matter the gender. With others people  shake hand and sometimes we can say only hi.

no what does word mean then