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Episode 05

Tess and Ravi talk about football and hooligans in the UK and how things have changed. Adam is on holiday so we only have Rob this week.

Tess & Ravi



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Intermediate: B1


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I'm sorry for the confusion. Could you please tell us the time code (for example, 9:36) where it seems to be different?

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Hello clauvera2016

I see what you mean! I'm sorry about that. It's going to take me some time to fix this, but I think I should be able to do this before the end of next week. Sorry for the delay and thanks for pointing it out to us.

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Hi there !
I never liked football matches. Maybe because I never watched a game to the end or because no one in my family don't watch a football match too often. I find it very boring and noisy...

I don't prefer to watch football matches, but if it occurs I feel boring. It is really boredom. When my brothers watching match they make noise and troubles. I hate noise in all its form.

I am a fan of pumas team. They play in de C.U stadium each sunday. I try to go to stadium frecuetly to suppor them. When i was seventeen year old i decided to became a fan of pumas because i studied in UNAM, so i feel identify whith them. I enjoy each match with my friend, i like singing their
anthem, it is beautiful but not all is good sometimes the hooligans are agressive whith fanatics of rivals and they get drunk and drugs.

i never watched any matches before in stadium i prefer to play football as irregular but sometime i watch important matches on tv i support egyption team.

I love Sepidrood Football team,that s the oldest football team of our city, rasht. i am a fan of perspolis football team too,they are one of the most famous football teams in iran.footbal is very popular in iran and lots of people go to stadiums to watch the matches,also women are becoming football fan in iran but they dont have legal rights to enter the stadiums,last month a girl called "dokhtare aabi" fired herslef because the court had sentenced her to jail for her attempt to enter an stadium.that was so sad.after that and as FIFA had its pressure on iran to let women enter stadiums,finally women could watch their national footbal team friendlly match againts kamboj,although no legal right officially has been registered to let women enter stadiums.

I can’t say I’m a football fan but time by time, find it enough interesting to watch some match where there are many exciting moments with talented players. It turned out that I had never have any interest in football before I introduced to university and began living at its hostel. At the storey where I lived there were students, most part of them consisted of only football fans. That’s more than a half of all storey. Every time when it was some big match on TV, everybody met to watch it together. Gradually it made me wonder of this kind of sport more and more. You know, when you communicate with people who know so much in some craft you become to know different subtleties making you being interested. One of my best friend and fellow student was hooked on football and told me that every team has its own tactics and something interesting from bio of famous players and stuff.
I wasn’t present on matches where at the stadium were dangerous hooligans causing problems, but unfortunately I had to watch these situations on national TV news here in Russia.

Hello. I dont like football because when i was children never played football with my father or friends. My father dont like football and my mom is the same. In colombia more and more people like football . Some time there are some matches that are dangerous because sometime there are hooligans

Hi everyone. I am fond of football and my brother as well. I live in Russia but I do not like Russian football at all. I`d rather support German teams. My favorite is called "Hamburg SV".