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Episode 05

Tess and Ravi talk about football and hooligans in the UK and how things have changed. Adam is on holiday so we only have Rob this week.

Tess & Ravi



Language level

Intermediate: B1


Hello British council team.
Well here in colombia there are many group of holligans as well, but they're not called like that they're called Barras Bravas, I am not going to talk about the bad things those group do because if you search in the internet you find them right away, I love soccer I support the barranquilla local team, it is Junior de Barranquilla, I go to the stadium every time it plays, I do that since I was 13, I started joining a barra-brava one year later and after a short time a got the membership. a long this time I have lived many experiencia following my team, I had travel to other place so that I see it playing, it's so sad when we lost an important match specially when it's a final.

I also like to see colombia's soccer selection, though I do not go to the stadium because I can't affort the ticket, I watch all its match at my place or wherever I can.

thanks for these exercises and greetings.

I support Deportivo Tachira

Hi, you're from Venezuela, aren't you?

When I was young, I loved watching football and I was strict follower of football. I support the team ,Fenerbahçe, which has the most fans in Turkey and I watched all football matches which were both on tv and in the stadium. But I haven't chased football since 2011 because of both violence and match fixing events. I think football should be fair and fun. There's no point watching football if I am not having fun watching it.

Hi everyone. Most of all I like volleyball. The Polish team is one oh the best teams of the World. In the 2014 year won the World Cup.
I like football a little. Recently the Polish Team is playing very good and is on the eleven place in FIFA ranking. Robert Lewandowski is one of the best football player of the world. Fans in Poland always support Polish team, whether it is footballs or volleyballs, basketballs or handballs. In the stadium, when Polish team are playing with other team, fans behave calmly, like in Britain, but when plays Polish league team team isn't calmly.

First of all, i don't like football not only football but also many games, because i think they are not fascinating me as much as it does others and also it's a waste of time for me. but in my country in india there are a lot of fans for Cricket, also fans for football and other games like every country. I would like to mention here about a friend of mine in my room where i live now, He is a great football fan, whenever it comes to match he always watch it without missing it even if it is midnight as indian time, he has a long list of people so he always would be updated with matches. that's the really a good thing that i would appreciate him.

I don't really support a football team, but I like football, it's just that I get bored sometimes when the match is not that interesting. I get into a match in the final matches, they're the best sometimes.

I don't like football and I am not much more interested in any sport.But I have a knowledge of many sports including football.


hi dear British Council team.
I listen to the British Council´s elementary podcasts on my mobile, and I realice that the series three episode five does not end the same as in computer. Into my mobile device there is an explanation about why there are two "mores" and so make the task five.