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Episode 05

Tess and Ravi talk about football and hooligans in the UK and how things have changed. Adam is on holiday so we only have Rob this week.

Tess & Ravi



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Intermediate: B1


Hello muugi,

There is an explanation of this grammar (i.e. a comparative + and + the same comparative) on our comparative adjectives page. In this exercise, all of the forms at the top are examples of this form. You have to analyse their meaning to be able to match them to the appropriate sentence below. For example, for the first one, in which someone has a lot of work, we can think that they don't have much time, so 'less and less time' is the answer that makes the most sense.

I hope this helps.

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Hi all, I'm from Mongolia. I like football. But I'm not a fan of it. Because I play volleyball. A lot of my friends love football. For example, my workmate guys really like football. They talk about English premier league and UEFA champions league every time. Unfortunately, all of my football fan friends play football badly than me. I don't understand it.

Hello I am from China and living Beijing now, last year I got a season ticket of Beijing Guoan. Guoan is a local football team, which has more than ten years history. Guoan is one of the most best teams of China, normally they are in the top 5 every year. I went the stadium last year several times, actually the atmosphere was very crazy. During the match all the fans stand on their feet and sing the songs, when the competitors foul they will shout to the players, sometimes they out of control and loudly cursing the opposite players, fans even the judge. To be honest, it makes me probably dislike this sports.
I think if it goes much further, they will become the hooligans, inducing much harmful for our football development. This years we put lots lots of money in our football developing issues, hope our country will be a final player in future word cup matches.

Hello, As my compatriots have wrote, in Colombia the situation with the fans became worse a worse. Many fans kill the fans of others teams, they destroy the buildings of the city and the's horrible. And it's also when Colombia wins, in each math won there are people hurt and killed. I think that for that Colombia will never win anything, because it would be "the end of the country". It's incredible how that happens even when we celebrate!!!

In Ukraine football is very popular game. I love football and I'm a fan of FC Shakhtar (Donetsk). But because of war Shakhtar now play in Lvov and I can't go to matches.
There is a problem of football hooligans in Ukraine too. The last example - when the fans of Dynamo Kyiv ran on the pitch and broke the goal after match. In Ukraine the word "fan" often means the same as "hooligan". Normal fan are called "bolelschik". (I'm "bolelschik").

Hello peaple!
I'm brazilian but diferent of many peaple from my country, I don't like to watch football. Unfortunately it's used as a curtain to hide our big problems like: social inequality; bad education; corruption; no basic sanitation in many places; poor peaple living in places without minimum of dignity, between others. But
I love to practice sports (runing, swimming, cycling, and football), is it.

I don't like football. Why? Well... because I don't like sport games at all. These are boring and tedious ways to spend your time, I think. Though, most of people may disagree with me )))
What about hooligans... There were clashes of fans in my city about two years ago. They looked like insurgence. There were enraged crowds of drunken half-naked people and armored police squads in the streets, there were screams, smokes and blasts of petards, public transport stopped... Chaos and violence. I was there and saw all of these. That was not very well experience. I wouldn't like to repeat it.

Hello, I live in Brazil. Here in brazil, exists i think the best players in world. Brazil is very famous, because of the football. But in this time, the selection, is not very good, like in old times. But even so, brazil is the country with very good players of football. People in brazil loves football :)
I love too, my team is corinthians, in these days, corinthians is the best team in my country. But have a lot of fights in the stadium, so, i never go the a stadium, because these fights, because these hooligans. So, this is it. Thanks British Council.

i dont like football so much but here in Brazil the people are crazy about it. You people must know.

I like watching football at the stadium. I am Italian and I live close to Milan.
As you can think, I am a fan of either Milan's football team. I cheer for Inter. I love going to the stadium especially together my son. although it could be a bit dangerous. I am trying, to explain him, being a football fan don't mean to be a criminal, therefore when someone is in a stadium, they have to be polite and they have to respect each other. Apart this what I love feeling at the stadium, is the sound of the crowd.