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Episode 07

Adam and Rob discuss your favourite times of day. Also, Tess and Ravi talk about something British people love, but most people hate!

Tess & Ravi



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Intermediate: B1


I hate queue. In my country usually people very impolite and want to jump queuing.

in my country people queue 50/50 in some area some people jump. They say sorry i am in hurry up or i am official worker. but one thing important i want to mention it, people give priority to women. women do not queue or making separate queue. They do not like to stand some one behind them.
i have lived in London for more than 6 years. British people are so much polite.

Actually, this topic make me felling sad. Because i'm from Vietnam and i think Vietnamese people, they are really impolite at queuing. we don't see queue usually in my country. They just stand around the shops, stores and buy things. Sometime, we have to queue to buy things, but some people, especially the elder people, they think they are old so they can jumping the queue and nobody care. This is too impolite. But young people now i think they are changing. (sorry i don't talk all of the elder people if you can read it). Hope one day, their behaviour can change.
thank you, best wishes

Hi team!

I think that in my country some people jump queueing. Really, no one doesn't like queueing but we need it and we should polite and patient. I just once jump queueing in front of the bank and after that i promised myself i would never jump :)

thank you very much for your interesting topic
Ps: i always hear that British people are very polite

Here in Brazil you also have to queue whatever you have to do. It is a nightmare. People allways jump the queue. I hate queue but i never jump it.

Queue it could be a good time for read, calling people, etc. The problem is when you are in a hurry or in an difficult moment.

Queuing, I don't like queuing, but sometimes we have to queue to get your turn. Before when Chinese spring festival comes, people almost who live outside will go home to meet their relatives. So many people take train back home in that very short time, it becomes very hard to get one ticket. At before when you can not buy ticket on internet, you have to go to the railway station buy the ticket. At that time you will suffer the very long queue and very anxious feeling. Now we can buy the ticket by internet, the feeling is better but it is also not easy to get one ticket at that special time. But anyway we queue on the internet instead suffer the cold.

I thing that everybody hate queque, is so disgusting and moré when te people don't respect it. Pd: sorry if I wrote bad, I'm trying to practice English.

In Colombia, the queues are very untidy, especially in Bogota at the bus stop "transmilenio". When there are many people they form many queues in the same queue, the people despair of and becoming violent....
The only time that i like to queuing it's with my mother because she like to do friends everytime, so during the queue we do many friends =). I love her!

I can't stand queuing, it get me bored. In my country sometimes occur very big queue, but mostly people are polite. And like in other places there are some people which try to jump queue.