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Episode 07

Adam and Rob discuss your favourite times of day. Also, Tess and Ravi talk about something British people love, but most people hate!

Tess & Ravi



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Intermediate: B1


Hello LearnEnglish Team!
I've found an inaccuracy in the podcast again. This time tabs 4 and 6 are the same.

Hello krig,

We really appreciate you telling us about these errors. Tab 6 now displays the correct exercise.

Thanks again!

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I do not like queuing but I think it is important to organize buying or doing things, without queuing the world will be in mess . In my country we queue at the bakery , at the restaurant ,at the barber and at others shops but sometimes some people jump the queue especially those who have a good relation with the shopkeepers and I sometimes do that if I was in hurry.
I think British people are very polite in queuing and other things.


I do not like queue, I hate! I can´t stand, no because of people, but i not like lose my time in the queue. I pay all my bill for internet.

I think, queuing is quite boring, and definitely it is a time waster. I hate queuing, but I am polite so I've never jumped a queue. In Italy you have to queue wherever. You have to queue at the hospital to get cares, you also have to queue, to make a whatever document. You have to queue at the stadium, to get the tickets and so on.

Waiting in a queue is the most horrible thing that is necessary to do, in my country and in all countries in the world, but wherever you go you must to queuing: Taking public transportation, well be a train or a bus; in an airport, making the check in, taking and leaving the airplan; entering into a stadium and leaving it; in a bank, depositing money and getting it.

Wherever you go you must to do long queues. That's not pleasant for nobody, and less if there is someone that makes your himself or herself artist, and jumps the queue.


When I was a child my mother sent me on errands. It made me feel important and I said myself: “ you are already adult” . I went to the butcher shop, to the bakery, to the dairy shop. It liked to me. I especially liked go to the pig meat shop. I loved the smell of the sausages hanging on a string.
Customers were waiting behind the desk, opposite to the shopkeeper. When you came into the shop you had to greet the other costumers and the shopkeeper. But the most important thing you had to do was ask for the order of the queue. A person among the customers answered “ I am the last”. Then I came behind to this person to wait my turn.
May be I could be quiet in an English queue. But in a Spanish queue it wasn’t so easy. Suddenly an old woman came into the shop and with light movements of her shoulders arrived next to the desk just in my turn after I was waiting for several minutes. She said, I’m sorry but I’m in a hurry, excuse me boy you understand , don’t you ?

Hello there:
My city is not easy at queuing. Two or three times a week I goes to the city (so I live 30 kilometers far from Bogota) and need to take the bus. At peak hours (6.30-7.00 and 16.30-18.00) the bus station can get it chaotic and people are not polite and try to jump the queue. I also have to queue at banks, supermarkets and in some restaurants. Many friends of mine hate queuing and, really, I don't like it but I always try to get a book with me and forget that I am in a queue.


Here in Brazil, clearly, people are not polite enough. They jump the queue all the time!! For this reason I prefer to buy things or even to pay the bills on the internet instead of standing for long queues. On the other hand, I think that these ones are better than any crowded place completely untidy.
That's it!

C ya!

Hi everyone, in my country queuing is not polite , people don't like to standing in queue and trying to jump in a queue.But it is disaster that we always need queue either in bank where submit of utility bill or buying ticket or paying in shopping store or submit fee.