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Episode 08

Jamie has a surprise for Carolina, who is already quite excited about her new job. Meanwhile, Rob and Adam have been waiting patiently since the last episode to talk about queuing.

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Intermediate: B1


I really love music. I can play the guitar and the bamboo flute but this isn't very good, just in a basically level. actually, people say that i have a good voice and i also feel that. Sometime i sing in front of row, lots of people, such as my school, and those were almost quite good. so when i got in university, i decided to play guitar to support my songs, but just for my pleasure, it couldn't be in the event, the show, because it's too basic way. Now i don't play guitar very often anymore, focusing on my study, and english is one of those, love learning English, also British council.
Thank you, best wishes.

I can't play any instrument. I practiced play flute but I quited after 2 months.

I sing a long time ago! since i was a little girl! I have sung in many bands but always with my friends! We sang traditional music of my country. Now i have a music band with my boyfriend and a couple of argetines, we play the traditional latinamerican music, the group is called "Bridge to the river" because we want to do the bridges with the music for link the countrys!

Thank you!

Many years ago in my youth I tried to learn play guitar. But I haven't become a good player. Now I only sometimes sing with my friends at parties. :-)

I have never played any music in my life . The situation here does not help on these things so there is not any bands around here. However, I love listening to music.

Hello Everybody
I've never played musical intrument so good. Once I tryed to learn how to play guitar but I din't got it very well, just two musics I was able to play end sing so I decided to stop becouse my time wasn't long enough to study it, but I love the eletric guitar's soung, eighties' musics (Rock n'roll and romantic) and others.

Hello, I've never played anything but one day I will play something.

When I was in senior high school, I had a band. The name of my band is longing (at Indonesia is named rindu). I played the guitar. My music genre is slow rock like Steal Heart, White Lion, etc.
If there was a festival music, I and my friends in the band often followed and registered our band at these festival. One day, our band ever became the 1st winner in one of the festival musics that was organized by a junior high school. I was very happy at the time. Unfortunately, our band stood, at least for 2 years. There was no problem in our friendship, but the problem was we had the different activity each other. Thus, it was better we stopped to continue our band.

I did not belong to any band or musical group in my youth. I was a bad musician, I played the guitar but as Jamie I was not brilliant. However, there was a band in my school. They played music of the Beatles and they did it so good. The singer tried to resemble the way of John Lennon or Paul Mccartney and eventually the group achieved recording a disc. They played for young people of the school and of the neighbourhood. As a rule, in the concerts while they were playing people were dancing. One night, during the performance there was a blackout and all the scenario was pitch-black. Suddenly the group changed from Beatles to the Rolling Stones and started to sing “Paint it Black”, at that moment it was so funny.

Hello there:
At school we had music class and they teach us to play the flute, but not the classic one. It was a smaller one named 'flauta dulce' (in spanish). I played the flute until I was 18. I like the music, as every one - I suppose-, but I don´t play any instrument nor join a music band. My preferred music is ska, rock and a native local rythm from Colombia called 'carranga' (it is one of the rythms by the peasant communities).