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Episode 08

Jamie has a surprise for Carolina, who is already quite excited about her new job. Meanwhile, Rob and Adam have been waiting patiently since the last episode to talk about queuing.

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In many official letters in my country, it is written "This issues with the
approval of .... ". I think the grammar is not correct. I think it should be
written like this - "This is issued with the approval of ...." But it is very
commonly used in many official letters issued by government departments.
Please tell me whether it is grammatically correct or not.

Hello Tluangtea,

The passive form would appear to be the correct one here, as you say. In official notices such as these it is often used in a shortened form: 'Issued with the approval of...'

Best wishes,



The LearnEnglish Team

I play the guitar very well! I can play many compositions of famous ROCK guitarists and ROCK bands, but I've never perfomed in groups. I play at home. Just my neighbours can listen to my playing. Perhaps, in the future I will have my own ROCK band. Maybe It's just my dreams

I've been singing in the chorus of the University for three years and I've sung in the chorus at my work for five years. I don't sing more because I have other priorities. I like the sound of the guitar so sometimes I play, I'm not very good but I believe that you can do any thing that you really want.

I have never played music instrument in my private. I had to played them in music class in school, but I obviously could not play well. I can not even read musical notation. this is critical my fault, I regretted not working hard on music class because I am not interested in any music, but most of people have their own favorite type of music and can appreciate it. I think sense of music or art grow our abilities such as ability to concentration, sense of rythem, or language expression. those ability should be cultivated in childhood.

Good evening,

What's up?

unfortunately, I never played any instrument or had a band. If I could, I would choose Rock'n roll as style. I've just dreamed in the bath as a famous pop star.

See you around,

Caio Carvalho

when i was young, i had been likee music. it makes me happy when i'm sad and it covers space in my mind, i like to play guita and piano but i still have a lot of money to buy it and learn it. i listen music everyday, especially english song and i also study singing these song.
can you help me sing english song good?

Hello flamboyant,

I'm not sure I can give advice on this as I'm a terrible singer myself! All I can suggest is that you listen and copy, using versions of songs with the lyrics so you know which words to sing. You can find these on YouTube by typing the name of the song and adding the word 'lyrics' to the end.

Best wishes,



The LearnEnglish Team

hi, I like sing and play guitar. Also I want learn to play piano. Four or five years ago I record my first CD. Today I am working in others melodies.
The music mean much to me and make me feel happy.

Good bye

When I was young , I played piano and saxophone . I played them on the music class at school. Really it was so much interesting. But I didn't continue practicing them . . It needs so much time to become good at it.