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Episode 08

Jamie has a surprise for Carolina, who is already quite excited about her new job. Meanwhile, Rob and Adam have been waiting patiently since the last episode to talk about queuing.

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Intermediate: B1


When I was young I liked to play piano , but at that time it was difficult to have one . Some times I play drums but unfortunately I'm not good drummer.I 'd rather hear music than play it.

Two years ago i tried to learn to play guitar, but i didn't can because it's so difficult to me. I like to mix music with a mix table an and create a new songs whit a sintetycer.

I never have been playing guitar on a stag\e, in front of spectators. I used  playing guitar only at home , in my room. Why? I enjoy playing guitar very much, but except me no one else can stand my performance .

I haven't never had a music band. I play a turtle shell and small bowl on water, like Mesoamerican instruments when I studied nahuatl langage! It was a "antique music band". It was completely informal, we play "fond music" for a nahatl poetry reading. Very crazy....

I was learning to play the piano for about seven years. Now I haven't got enough time. I love playing soundtracks from films unlike the classic music. I also learned to play the guitar but not for a long time. My play is not bad, but is not amazing too.
What's the new thing...I've been singing in the choir of University of Technology in Gdańsk since I've started my studies. I really want to be able to sing at the highest level. I would like to express my feelings through the songs and to be able to influence other people by that.

A music band which before I had a dream about music band with my closer friends but It was not happened. There are many reasons as like some friends could not arrange time for practise together because they must focus to study or work. I really pity and I love music so I hope that my music band will be set up in the near future. Tks all.

When I was young  I started to play an instrument Setar ( like guitar).
I did practices hardly but I couldn't continue ,because it needs a person who
loves music and a lot of time to practice more and more to play.At that time I
believed I enjoyed the music through listening and today it is areal because  
I have good feeling about music when I listen it. 

hi ı am from turkey
ı haven't been in a band. but i like singing ballad with baglama. ın our country baglama is an important ınstrument. A lot of singer in my countyr use baglama.. The history of baglama  based on ancient times of my countyr. Our ancestors used to a lot of instrument such as baglama..
To sum up, i like singing some style of music but especially ballad....

when I post any comment It is published in podecast.  But the words" Edit and reply " are mentioned at the end of the comment. On the other hand only the word"reply"Is mentioned for others.Is there any mistake I am doing? Please make me clear.Regards

Hello there Niva!
No, don't worry - there's no mistake. You can change your own posts by editing them, or add more information by replying to them. You can only reply to other's posts, though, not change them.
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team