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Episode 08

Jamie has a surprise for Carolina, who is already quite excited about her new job. Meanwhile, Rob and Adam have been waiting patiently since the last episode to talk about queuing.

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hello. i have never been in a band, because i don't have knowledge to be with a band.but i have sung many times at same carnivals.

I like music. I had some lessons for playing Violin during  doing my bachelor. I studied Electrical engineering as you know it is though one. also learning to play a Violin is difficult. i was practicing to play sometime all the days. it took all of my time. i could not find more time for  studding. it was getting to be worse day after day my parent did not consent me continue to play any more. they wanted me to stop it. I had to gave up that although I loved it heartily. I wish I could be professional to play that. I hope that one of my kids would be interested in playing Violin. if one of my kids do it I guess that i am doing it. maybe, it make me convince. sometimes I think that i was guilty that i could not manage my time  between playing and studding. 
my brothers are so professional in playing Jazz and Piano. they have their own bands. their style of music is Pop and Rock. they had some concerts as well. the first album of them is going to be release for next year. I can not wait it. I am looking forward to listing to their songs. also, one of my borders can sing. I remember him he always sang when he was in bath to take a shower. my mother always complains about it because he sang so loudly. also some of our neighbors complain that why my borders sing or play Piano. but, they do not care them and they are continuing :D  

When I was a teen I remember to play the guitar with some friends,altough we never had a band.We played rock music of spanish and foreign groups.After a couple of years we went to University,the job,etc.No time at all.I like rock and classical music.There are some musicians in my family and my son(who is just three years old)wants to be pianist,like his uncle.Aaaaarrr,it s wonderful listening to music,but playing a musical instrument all the time must be boring sometimes if you don t want to listen to

Yes i was a band in my childhood. i was 9 or 11.
the name of the band was Banda sinfonica juvenil de Nocaima.
I played the trumpet.
we played porros (it is style of music of Colombia, this music got when the europe peolple arrived to my land)
I not still play the trumpet. because I dislike classical music and band´s teacher to scold me many times.

I played guitar when I was young and I spent a lot of time in my bedroom, trying to learn my favourite songs, things like "Harvest" from Neil Young, or "America" from Paul Simon.  Then work, marriage, children, time wasn't enough. But it was really nice to teach something about it to my daughter. Not that I had a lot to teach.
Now I like to listen to anyone who plays even if I usually don't like that kind of music, but I enjoy the technique, the skills or at least the effort of the musicians.

I have never played any band instruments yet. But i am interested to attend the band shows. 

I'm Korean. Everyday i visit this site and learn to the English. THis site is very good. The story is very interesting and useful.

I play on nerves. It's a joke. i don't know what to say, but yours comments are funny))

I am pretty interested in playing guitar so i want to learn playing as fast as i can 

Actually I don't like musical band because I haven't a musical talents.
But I like the musical band at open area specially at seaside on night.