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Episode 10

Carolina has a new job, but does she enjoy it? Rob and Adam talk about all the different things that you drink.

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Hi everyone. I'm in an internship so this is my first job. I'm a waitress at a restaurant in Vietnam. It's a buffet restaurant so it's really busy. But I have learnt many new things at there. I can practice speaking English with my foreign customers everyday. But a thing I don't like is I'm not comfortable with my shoes. I have to stand 8 hours per day, my feet have really hurt everyday. I asked to change other shoes but my manager didn't allow me to do. So I think this is the worst thing at the restaurant.

Hi! I am Ángel i am an actuary I have work for a health company for two years. I like my work because I can prove all benefits of our solutions through cost-benefit and cost-effective models, in addition to this, I love that my knowledge can help indirect to patient. In the other hand, I dislike the lack of planning in some projects because this causes delays or reprocesses.

Sometimes I like my job and sometimes I don’t ... it depends how things going on

My position as a machinist assistant and conductor of goods train as well as my work in general can be interesting but there are disadvantages here like in other one as well. On the one hand I like my position due to every my working shift is a journey, I drive on train from one city to another without being stuck in some office all day. Plus, this work is paid quite well. On the other hand, a shift is out of 12 hours can be at day as well as at night that making my job to be very hard and harmful the same time.

Carolina said: "Only five more hours to go."
Could you tell me please, what does it mean?
And why five? If I am right in understanding they discussed that they planned to meet at about seven o'clock and at that moment it was quarter past seven.

Thanks in advance,

Hello Yurmala

'only five more hours to go' means that Carolina still has to work for five more hours. The plan to meet at seven o'clock is for the next day (several lines earlier, Carolina says that she's meeting Jamie at the cinema 'tomorrow').

Does that make sense now?

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team

Is the 6th sentence in the task 1 written correctly? I thought I can say Emily's friend or friend of Emily, not friend of Emily's.

Hello Dmevko,
The form "friend of Emily's" is quite correct. It's called a "double genitive" or "double possessive" and is the grammatically same as forms such as 'a friend of yours' or 'a friend of his".
"Emily's friend" and "a friend of Emily" are also quite correct. Note that if you use a pronoun then the possessive is always used, so we say "a friend of mine" and "a friend of his" but not "a friend of me" or "a friend of him".
The LearnEnglish Team

I don't like any special thing about my job . I've been working in a bank about eleven years.I work the routine and tedious job all year round and I don't have opportunity to learn new skills .
But the salary is good besids we could get loan which help us to buy home or car. and sometimes I have free time to study language or doing things that I like

hello everyone!
ı am a teacher at a primary school 4th grade now. sometimes ı love my job and sometimes ı think ı find it boring. firstly children have amazing imagination world. speaking with them is very enjoyable. and always ı must to make creatıvıty things for them ı must follow to approaches new education. this isn't only. ı want to train good people. and this is very hard.