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Episode 13

Tess and Ravi talk about politeness and Adam reads your comments about going to the cinema.

Tess & Ravi



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Intermediate: B1


HELLO!!! I'm May Thida Su from Myanmar. I've never been to Britain and I've never heard the habitat of British. So I don't know British are polite or not before. But after listening this podcast from Series 1, I also think the British say " Excuse me " ," Thank you " and " please " a lot. Yeah I also think they are very polite. The people in my country don't say that words a lot but they are also polite enough. I think Myanmar people are as polite as British.

Hi, everyone. Fortunately, I have been to United Kingdom last year and I really appreciate the politeness of British people. They are humble, cooperative and down to earth. However, people in my country are a bit different. Some are very helpful, while others are rude and harsh. It depends on each individual that how he or she behaves.

Thanks for the episode.
Great site!

I only met a few British persons until today but it seems like they were as same polite as we are here, so I don't think British people are more polite than other people in other parts of the world, maybe the British society in general are more polite than others societies in most of the parts of the world, but I'd never been in Britain so I don't really know, in my country it's normal to find all kind of levels of politeness, but generally speaking in the small towns people are more polite than in the greater or bigger cities or in the capital city. I notice that in this country those whom have unhappy or sad lives tend to act in a more rude or impolite manner but most of the people here is polite with strangers or people they don't know very well. One way to measure the level of politeness in a city is seeing the way people behave in the traffic, if people use the horn and is rude to others drivers tells you that probably they're impolite in their lives.

I haven't met British people before but I am following Natcha Oceane the famous british fitness influencer on youtube and Instagram and I think yes the british people are very polite and they use formal and polite expressions so often. And I noticed that more when I was researching about difference between Amiracan accent and Britain accent . The difference it's too clear that from the ways and the words that they use it in the same situations but . For my country , I don't know I think it was more polite in last century than now. In the end, we can not say all of people I one area or country same . Everywhere there are polite and impolite people . That depended on believes and morals everyone.

I have heard about british people, they are quite polite but i haven't met with them.

Hi, I think British people are very polite because all the British people I have ever seen in my life were polite In my country some of them are polite and some of the are not.

unfortunately,i never met withe British people but I think they are polite from the way of speaking. In my countrey Yemen the people are polite and humble most of them not all.

do you think people in your country are polite or not?
Hi guys!Here in Brazil most of the people are impolite unfortunelly.Wheter in public transportation or queue for something.I try to be polite to everyone who cross my way.

Here in Russia whether people polite or impolite depends on where they are from. In big cities like Moscow people are more rushing and businesses than in some town as well as everywhere in the world I guess. But if to tell in general here is really much more impolite and rude people.