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Episode 13

Tess and Ravi talk about politeness and Adam reads your comments about going to the cinema.

Tess & Ravi



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Intermediate: B1



I consider British people to be polite and cultural because culture in Britain was being developed for hundreds of years. In Great Britain there are plenty of museums, libraries and theatres. An example of great level of culture is Quenn Elizabeth II. That is why I learn hardly English. 
With respect,
Klimova T.

Hi there, I'm Bryan.I just want to ask,Why there is no new  episode for 'Word on the Street?Cheers!!

Hi Bryan,
You asked exactly the same question on another page and I've answered it there. Please ask questions just once - It saves us time!
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hello everyone! I liked the podcast. I think politeness is important in life, no matter where you are. And we as learners must try to use these expressions every day, not only in foreign countries  but also in our country. As people say in my country: "you don't lose anything by being polite..."

I'm Maryam from Iran.
and I totally think most British people are so polite, and people's  behavior is so important for me. in Iran some people are polite but not like  British people.
I recently start writing. I hope you can understand me. 

Hello Maryam
My name's Monia and I'm from Libya .. and actually I don't agree with you, because I visited England once the people there are not polite especially with  migrants ,they treat them racist and that's what I hate about them.

Hello folks I'm Michelle from Brasil. I think there are polite and impolite people in all over the world. Of course the british has a kind of to speak very different, but don't want mean they can't be rude sometimes. Here in Brasil we are more "relax", but this don't want mean we are impolite. We like to talk and meet other people and we need to be polite for this. 
I hope you can understand my english heheh.

Hi everybody ,, I am a new member and also a student at British Council Jeddah , Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately cinema is prohibited by the authorities here in Saudi Arabia but lately the private sector opened one cinema hall in Jeddah with one funny film and it was closed again , but I still can enjoy going to cinemas during my annual vacation out of saudi arabia.  

  Hello everybody!
  Thank you so much for giving us the possibility to comment.
  Well, I think British people are not different from other peoples of the world; there are polite people as there are impolite ones. All depends on the milieu you place yourself in!